• Who may use the Library?
    USEK students, Faculty, staff, and courtesy borrowers who have current identification cards may borrow books. A current USEK ID or a courtesy card is required for all borrowing transactions.
  • Who may borrow Library material?
    This is a service offered to undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, Faculty members, staff, alumni, OLM Monksvisitors with three-month, one-year or institutional subscriptions. Individuals with one-day passes are allowed to use material on the premises.
  • How does a user locate material?
    Material can be located through the Library Catalog, which is accessible on/off campus. Each item has a USEK shelfmark and is arranged in its respective area. The user places an order for the requested item by passing his/her USEK ID card over the RFID reader or by entering his/her ID number and password. The material is retrieved from the closed stacks and provided within 15-20 minutes (depending on the number of requests).

    Users may ask staff at the Circulation Desk or any Information Desk for assistance in finding items.
  • How many items can be checked out?
    Category  No. of Items
    Undergraduate students 5
    Graduate students 10 
    Doctoral students 15
    Faculty 15
    Staff 5
    Alumni 2
    OLM Monks 10
    Visitors: One-day pass 0 
    Visitors: Three-month subscribers 2 
    Visitors: One-year subscribers 3 
    Institutional subscribers 5
  • What is the loan period of materials?

    Category  Period
    Undergraduate students 14 days
    Graduate students 28 days 
    Doctoral students 42days
    Faculty 42 days
    Staff 14 days
    Alumni 10 days
    OLM Monks 28 days
    Visitors: One-day pass 0 
    Visitors: Three-month subscribers days 
    Visitors: One-year subscribers days 
    Institutional subscribers 10 days

    Periodicals (journals and magazines):
    A maximum of two bound items may be borrowed for a period of 7 days.
    Please note: Latest issues cannot be borrowed.

    CDs and DVDs:
    A maximum of one item may be borrowed for a period of 7 days.

    Course Reserve Items (material for course assignments and other heavily used items, such as books, photocopies, documents, etc. placed on short loan):
    These materials are restricted to registered USEK students. A maximum of two items may be borrowed from 09:00 - 15:00 or 16:00 - 9:00. Weekend loans are also available.
  • What materials may be borrowed?
    1. Monographs
    2. Periodicals: journals and magazines
    3. CDs and DVDs
    4. Short loan materials

    What materials may not be borrowed?
    1. Reference books: The reference collection includes: encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, handbooks, biographical and literary sources, and bibliographies.
    2. Latest issues of periodicals and magazines.
    3. Newspapers.
    4. Theses and dissertations: The University Library holds one bound copy of each dissertation and thesis; however, this is for use on location only. Users may view, take notes and photocopy pieces based on Fair Use Laws, but not the whole work. The electronic copy (PDF) cannot be copied or lent to USEK users (student and Faculty) or external visitors.
    5. Non-circulating material: The collection includes books dated prior to 1970, rare books and private collections donated to the Library. Rare and private collections are stored in a secure location and are available for reference consultation under supervised conditions.
    6. Microfilms.
    7. Maps, visual materials, graphic materials, audiocassettes, LP Records, digitized files.

    Intercampus Loan:
    These materials are restricted to registered USEK Faculty, students, staff and clergy. Users are allowed access to materials not available at the user’s library: Kaslik Main Campus Library, Chekka Campus Library or Zahle Campus Library.

    Users can place requests using their USEK ID card by simply placing it over the RFID. Orders should be placed between Monday and Friday; any order placed on Friday after 16:00 or over the weekend will be processed the following working week.

    Two working days are required for the ordered materials to arrive at the requested location and will be held for users at the Circulation Desk for 2 days. A valid ID is required to check out requested items.

    Users will be notified through their USEK email address only if and when the item is available for pick-up.
  • What is the check-out procedure for circulating materials?
    Users must present an ID card, valid for the current semester, to borrow library and intercampus loan material. Only the owner of a Library-registered ID is authorized to borrow material on his or her card. The Library is not responsible of any outcome arising from the unauthorized use of a library card.

    Material may be renewed twice by presenting the materials at the Circulation Desk. Material should be presented before the due date.
    Material will be re-issued unless:
    - It is requested by another borrower.
    - It has reached the renewal limit.

    Any item checked out can be recalled before its original due date by the Library, in order to make sure that as many users as possible get access to the material they need. Sometimes when there is great demand and few resources, the material will then be placed on reserve.

    All eligible borrowers can reserve material already on loan, either at the Library or online.
    1. At the Library: place a reservation by passing your USEK ID card over the RFID reader or by entering your ID number and password.
    2. For online reservations: enter your ID number and password.

    Users are fully responsible for all library material issued on their card.
    1. Late or Overdue Items: Fines for regular loans are 500 L.L. per item / per day for material for the first five days. The fine increases to 2,000 L.L. per item / per day for material from day 6 onwards.
    2. Course Reserves Items: Fines for Course Reserves Items are 1,500 L.L. per item/per hour up to a maximum of 20,000 L.L.
    3. Late Recalls: If a user disregards an early recall from the Library a fine of 1,000 L.L. per item / per day is charged.
    4. Lost or Damaged Material: In the event that an item is lost, the Library will charge the cost of the item plus a 10 % processing fee per item. If a lost item is found and returned within 90 days the cost of the item will be refunded. However, if the material is an old item and cannot be replaced, the user is fined twice the amount of the item.

    Overdue payments are currently to be paid in cash at the Circulation Desk.
    If a user has questions about this policy or a library charge, they can contact the Library Administration.

    Failure to Clear Library Fines: Users who have overdue materials or outstanding fines will lose borrowing privileges, including borrowing Course Reserves Items, until cleared. The user will be blocked from borrowing if the material is not returned within 30 days of the second overdue notice. The user’s borrowing privileges will not be reactivated until the item(s) is/are returned and charges paid in full.

    Continued failure to clear library charges will result in denial of permission to register, receive grades and transcripts, and ultimately, to graduate.

    Notices: Users will receive four notices:
    1. Two days before loan is due.
    2. Two days after regular loan was due.
    3. Seven days after regular loan was due.
    4. Thirty one days after regular loan was due.
    Notices are emailed to user’s official USEK email address. User is responsible for checking that email account or automatically forwarding emails are sent to his/her off-campus email account.

  • Contact details
    Circulation Services:

    Circulation Assistance:
    Kaslik Main Campus Library:
    • Alice Mattar Badr:
    • Gladys Issa:

    Chekka Campus Library:
    • Rebecca Ziade Ramia:

    Zahle Campus Library:
    • Dolly Nadra Charbel: