Digital Development Center

  • Introduction
    Created in September 2002 in order to digitize the manuscripts of the Lebanese Maronite Order, the Digital Development Center aims at insuring the multiple services of graphic reproduction and preserving the Lebanese heritage. Over the years, the Center has grown and has collaborated with other organizations and companies including:    
    - The archives of Al-Mutassarifiyyat
    - The collection of Gibran Khalil Gibran (GKG )
    - The archives of the Greec Catholic Arbishopric of Zahle (AGCZ)
    - The collection of the Arabic manuscripts of Fouad Haddad
    - The daily newspaper al-‘Amal
    - The weekly critical political caricature magazine ad-Dabbour
    - The weekly Lebanese political, agricultural and literary magazine Sada ach-chimal
    Similarly, throughout the Centre of Reprography and Digitization, the mission of the USEK Library is to collect the manuscripts of the Lebanese heritage scattered in the world, or to acquire a copy of these manuscripts.
  • Digitization and Reproduction
    The ambition and skills of our team of twenty specialists have broadened our work area. The Center follows the international standards of digitization and uses advanced equipment. Microfilm scan, five studios and seven scanners are providing the services listed below:
    - Digital reproduction
    The digital reproduction is a service dedicated to scan and digitize the different manuscripts, archives and ancient periodicals.
    - Photographic reproduction
    The photographic reproduction is the photo service in all its dimensions.
    - Microform scan
    The microform scan scans microfiche and microfilms of 16 mm and 35 mm.
    - VHS to digital format
    The VHS to digital format converts the video films to digital films (DVDs).
    - Transformation of 8 mm to digital format
    The transformation of 8 mm to digital format converts the cinema films of 8 mm and 16 mm to digital films (DVDs).
    - Giga Pan
    Panoramic photo allows having hundreds even millions of photos combined in order to create a detailed image providing an incredible depth and clarity.
  • Order
    For every reproduction order, please consult our Reprography page.
  • Preservation
    In order to preserve the Lebanese Heritage, the Digital Development Center provides an external service to any person who wishes to preserve valuable documents and to receive advice and help. The Center preserves the following archives and manuscripts:
    - The Archives of Qaemmaqamiyyat and Jezzine Municipalities
    - The Archives of Mutassarifiyyat which date from 1861 to 1918
    - The Collection of the Arabic manuscripts of Fouad Haddad

For more information, please contact the Digital Development Center on the following address: 
Digital Development Center
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
P.O. Box 446 Jounieh, Lebanon
+961 9 600 367