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Meeting of USEK Alumni in Canada
On Saturday, November 21, 2015, in the Monastery Saint-Antoine-Le-Grand in Montreal, a meeting of USEK Alumni was held. This meeting, initiated by Reverend Father Doctor Joseph Wakim, Vice President for International Relations at USEK, was organized with a view to strengthening solidarity between the alumni abroad so that they renew their relationship with their University.

Besides a substantial involvement of former residents of Montreal, this meeting was a success due to the wealth of exchanges, availability and ambition of the participants to come together under the name of their beloved University, form a committee and create beneficial socio-cultural activities for the alumni community in Canada.

The meeting began with a prayer and a welcome speech by Father El Dahdouh, Superior of the Saint-Antoine-Le-Grand Monastery, who emphasized the important role that the Lebanese Maronite Order assumes throughout the world, at the scientific, cultural, social, spiritual and national levels. It is an Order perpetuated by the power of the Saints Charbel, Rafca, Hardini and Estephane to whom a sanctuary was recently built on the forecourt of the Saint-Antoine-Le-Grand Monastery.

Afterwards, Father Ziad Sakr, Dean of Religious and Oriental Sciences at USEK, said in his speech that he considers USEK Alumni as the messengers of the human and cultural values they acquired during their years of study at the University. He likewise stressed the importance of mutual trust between them, which is the basis of any constructive and lasting relationship.

Following the meeting, a documentary on USEK was presented by Father Joseph Wakim, who emphasized urban, academic and scientific development at the University as well as the changes that have occurred at USEK since its creation in 1949 until the present, especially in terms of globalization which enabled it to sign agreements with over 150 international universities and be an active member in more than 46 international academic associations.

The meeting ended with the appointment of Father Jean El Dahdouh, former President of the Canada Alumni Committee, followed by a reception.
Etiquette and Social Manners
The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) organized a session on “Etiquette and Social Manners”, given by Mrs. Aimée Succar.

This event, hosted by the Alumni Office, was held on Friday February 26, 2016, at 6:30 pm, in the Jean El Hawa Auditorium.
Creating a volunteer committee of USEK Alumni
The Alumni Relations Office of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik recently gathered together a group of graduates from different USEK faculties and formed the “Volunteer Committee of USEK Alumni” that will support the Office in its tasks, projects and activities.

The creation of such a committee is of great importance due to the power and support that this could offer through the diversity, cultural richness, competence, experience and vision of its members.

The committee has 19 members and meets every third Friday of the month. Its main objective is to strengthen relations between USEK and its alumni through meetings and activities, following an action plan established beforehand, in collaboration with the Alumni Relations Office.
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