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Journal of Letters and Translation Issue 18: Call for papers

Dossier: Literary studies

The literary dossier of the Journal of Letters and Translation whose issue 18 will be published in October 2018 will be dedicated to the exploration of the theme of portrait in literature, in all its physical, dynamic, psychological, historical, socio-cultural, etc. dimensions.

The said theme will also be apprehended through the diversity of genres that literature offers as the challenge would be to highlight the different types of encounters that the literary product- vehicle of the portrait- allows to happen between the reader and the subject of the portrait.

The portrait itself obviously involves the vision of an individual lingering over another, in this case that of an enunciator - descriptor of a fictional character or of a fictionalized person. This vision is always loaded with subjectivity even if it is sometimes blurred or concealed.

Within this framework, the vision that will be interesting is that of the writings of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, that conveys different issues of postmodernity.

As part of this theme, self-portraits, anti-portraits and non-portraits will also be considered as categories that may be interesting for the desired research.

Dossier: Translation Studies

As translation is essentially a binary phenomenon (source text - target text; author - translator; original language - translation, etc.), the thematic dossier suggests to shed light on a certain number of oppositions, dichotomies or even disruptions which in fact constitute the very heart of translation science and translation itself.

The aim is to highlight the possible and certainly the necessary passage of translation dialectics and of the act of translation to the complexity theory approach, in order to show that privileging this latter as a tool of reading and analyzing texts to be translated would ensure a better perception of reality according to a constructivist and systemic posture, rather than remaining prisoners of polarities that are often very difficult to marry.

Both in terms of conceptual knowledge and translating practice, we could succeed in establishing a real dialogue in order to reduce distances- a dialogue that could replace the usual landscape of cleavage with that of a harmonious continuum: the very component of the transmission of knowledge and know-how around the world.

Deadlines and typography standards

Any researcher willing to submit a scientific article to the issue 18 of the Journal of Letters and Translation is invited to send an abstract of about 500 words, followed by 5 to 8 keywords along with a short CV to the following e-mail address: before January 26, 2018.

Applicants will be notified by return email if accepted or not by the scientific committee of the journal before February 9, 2018. If the proposal is selected, the researcher will then be invited to send the complete article according to APA Style at the same aforementioned email address before April 27, 2018.
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