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USEK e-mail use

Faculty and Staff members’ email use

In order to open your e-mail account on Kaslik campus:
  • Start up the computer and type your personal username and password;
  • Open the Internet browser; the welcome page of the University Intranet MyUsek will appear. If not, simply type MyUsek in the address box;
  • Click on “Systèmes d’informations”, then on “Webmail de l'USEK (Enseignants / Personnel Administratif et Technique)” to open your USEK e-mail account.

To open your e-mail account outside Kaslik campus:
  • Open the Internet browser and type the URL https://webmail.usek.edu.lb in the address box, or open USEK website and click on the “Webmail” button at the top of the page;
  • Enter your personal username and password as required in the dialog box (for the username, enter: usek\<username>).

Students e-mail use

To open your e-mail account on and outside Kaslik campus:
*FName = First Name and LName = Last Name.
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