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Fr. Hady Mahfouz, monk at the Lebanese Maronite Order, holder of a Ph.D in Biblical Sciences from the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome, is a lecturer at the USEK Pontifical Faculty of Theology since 2001 and is in charge of the graduate studies program. He teaches several courses (Synoptic Gospels, Johannine Corpus, Pauline Writings, Epistle to the Romans, the Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, Pauline Studies) and conducts research work concerning the work of Lucan and the Gospel of John.

He held various ecclesiastic posts: Rector of Saint Charbel Sanctuary - Annaya (2001-2004), representative of monks and nuns of the diocese of Jbeil to the Maronite Patriarchal Synod (2004-2006), Associate Secretary of the Council of Churches in the Middle East for Catholic Churches (2004-2007), etc.
He is the author of several books, namely “The Season of Lent – Sundays Gospels (according to the Maronite rite), “Readings and Meditations” (2006), “The Time of Resurrection – Sundays and Feasts Gospels”, “Readings and Meditations” (2005), the Literary and Theological function of Lc 3, 1-20 in the Acts of Luc (2003), etc., edited by the USEK publication house. He published as well many articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings, particularly:

  • Lc 16, 19-31 : Annonce, Écoute et biens matériels, USEK Theology Journal - 2007
  • Les scribes chez Marc, proceedings of the biblical conference, 2007 (in Arabic) Expériences mystiques et charismatiques dans le Nouveau Testament, proceedings of the conference on mysticism and pietism, Lebanon - 2006
  • Le plan salvifique de Dieu et la liberté de l’homme dans les écrits lucaniens, proceedings of a conference on biblical days, Lebanon - 2006 (in Arabic)
  • L’eucharistie dans le Nouveau Testament, proceedings of the Eucharistic conference, Lebanon - 2005 (pp. 47-55) (in Arabic)
  • Une relecture de Lc 16,8b, NEST Theological Review, XXV/2 (2004) (pp. 39-56)
  • Une lecture critique du troisième chapitre du livre d’Étienne Trocmé, Quatre évangiles, une seule foi (Paris, 2000), proceedings of a conference held by the Evangelical Coptic Church, Egypt – 2004 (in Arabic)

He is as well member of the editorial committee of the USEK Revue théologique.

He is the President of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik since July 2007.

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