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Mr. Charles Hage

Charles Hage has over 25 years of experience in worldwide management consulting, and expertise in the telecom and engineering sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Georges Mason University, Virginia, US.

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Mr. Hage is currently involved in several Middle East companies and non-profit organizations, and has initiated and led a variety of high-profile and successful telecom companies in the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. Charles is co-founder and managing director of Mada Communications International (MCI), a leading telecommunications provider offering international voice, wireless broadband, SMS, and communications network services operating under XOL Holding.

Mada Communications International (MCI) is a joint venture with Zain, a pioneering mobile operator across the Middle East and Africa. Mada is also a founding member of the Regional Cable Network (RCN), and the first terrestrial fiber optic system bridging the East to West from the Middle East Gulf region to Europe.

XOL Holding is a privately owned company that was established to invest in and operate companies with an emphasis on the Middle East & North Africa region. It includes several market segments such as: Telecommunications (Mada Communications International (MCI); World Point Communications (WPC, USA); 4G Telecom (North Africa); Vaya (VOIP mobile application) and Connect (new ISP in Lebanon); Information & Communication Technology (ICT); Industrial Automation & Process Equipment (XOL Automation); Food & Beverages ( Talaya Water); Textiles (Kidea, Embrodtex, Val de Lys); Navigation & Tracking Systems ( Navleb); On-line Retail (Zoohoor E-commerce)

Charles Hage is a founding member and treasurer of the Maronite Foundation in the World, whose mission is to re-connect the ties between the Maronites in Lebanon and their fellow Maronite across the globe. He is dedicated to strengthening the Maronite Heritage and legal citizenship affiliation. Mr. Hage is member in The Order of Saint Sharbel, USA which provides financial support to seminarians of the Maronite Church. Mr. Hage is a founding member of the Saint Sharbel Cancer Society, a non-profit non-governmental organization aiming to promote research in cancer critical cases as well at providing financial assistance to patients sufferings from rare cancer cases that require special treatments. Mr. Hage is also a board member of an American-based non-profit organization, In Defense of Christians (IDC) whose mission is to ensure the protection and preservation of Christianity and Christian culture in the Middle East.
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