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About the Career Services Office

Mission And Vision
Our mission is to make our career services an essential component of your personal development and build on your employability while at University and after graduation.

Our vision is to make a meaningful contribution to your experience, inspiring and empowering you to be the best you can be, to fully develop your potential and to kick off your career confidently.
What We Do

A- The 4 Year Career Plan

The 4-year career plan is tailored by the Career Services Office (CSO) team to ensure your readiness before hitting the job market:

This is when you get to meet the CSO Team, and share with them why you chose the major you are studying and discuss just how much you know about it. You also get to take the Holland Code psychometric test, which allows you to detect your basic personality traits, on a professional level. We will also explore the different career options related to your major, and help you figure out your career preferences and passions.

Now that you’ve have completed a few major courses, you have a little more hands-on knowledge related to what you’re studying. It’s time to test the ground and start looking for internships to gain insight and experience in your chosen profession. We recommend that you pass by the CSO to get help with building your CV, to pick up some interview tips, and to find out about the special workshops we organize to develop your employability skills.

You are now approaching the finish line. Your soft skills need to be improved to distinguish you from other candidates applying for the same job. For this reason, we encourage you to attend Career Panel Discussions, get to know the successful people in your field, understand how they reached the top, learn about the challenges that could get in the way and how to overcome them. The yearly job fair is one of the best networking opportunities for undergraduates, a chance to meet and connect with employers and apply for internships/jobs!

At this point, you’ve acquired technical skills in your field. Before being overwhelmed by the graduation ceremony and the thrill of leaving campus, visit the CSO Team to finalize your CV, make sure you’re good to go.

B- The Undergraduate Guide To Careers

The CSO Team has put together an e-handbook that includes everything you need to know to prepare you for the job market.

Download your free handbook
Who Can Benefit From The Careers Office Services
All active students and fresh graduates of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) can benefit from the CSO services.
Careers Portal
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Meet The Team

  Khalil Abboud

+961 9 600 582
    Johny Kamar
Career Guidance Coordinator

+961 9 600 583
    Merissa-Anne Shibley
Career Guidance Assistant

+961 9 600 584
    Stephanie Badaan
Career Guidance Assistant

+961 9 600 580
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We are located in AC005.

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