Ph.D. Thesis Directors

Faculty of Music
  • Fr. Youssef Tannous
    Lebanese Music and Musicians | Arab Music and Musicians | Sacred Chants | Ethnomusicological Research: chants, instruments, etc. | Arabo-occidental Musical Inter-influence
  • Fr. Badih Hage (El)
    Ethnomusicology | Popular Traditional Music of the Arab Middle East | Bedouin Music | Syriac Music | Arab Music.
  • Fr. Milad Tarabay
    Musicology | Ethnomusicology | Sacred music | Singing, choral and human voice.
  • Mr. Edward Yerwant Torokian
    Sacred Music | Western Music Analysis and Theory Courses | Composition and arrangement
  • Mr. Kifah Fakhoury
    Music administration | Music education and pedagogy (curriculum planning and development, elementary, middle and secondary school, college/university, bands, orchestras, ensembles) | Copyright Music in the Arab region | Youth and music | Media and music | Music criticism
USEK Business School
  • Mr. Elie Assaf
    Economy and Finance
  • Mr. Nehme Azoury
    Marketing and Management
  • Fr. Georges Azzi
    Management and Finance
  • Mr. Badih Baz
    Management | Business Information
  • Mr. Georges Yahchouchi
    Management and Finance
  • Mr. Selim Osman
    Economy and Finance
  • Mr. Charbel Salloum
    Corporate Governance| Family Business| Financial Distress| Corporate Performance Management
  • Mrs. Hajer Jarrar Cheikh Ali
    Computer Systems : SI evaluation | strategic alignment| CRM| ERP| etc.
    Business Finance : Information asymmetry between companies and banks| corporate governance| etc.
  • Mrs. Daniele Khalife Fraiha
    Private equity in general and venture capital in particular | Corporate governance Value creation | Organizational theory
  • Mr. Mario Sassine
    Family business and dynastic phenomenon | Corporate governance | Human resources management and social audit
  • Mr. Antoine Habchi
    Modern History | Middle-East History | Current affairs and Political Regimes | Leadership
Faculty of Law
  • Fr. Talal Hachem
    Canon Law
  • Mr. Eric Savaux
    Law of obligations: contract, civil liability and laws of obligation in domestic and comparative law | Notarial law | Theory of law
  • Mrs. Ghada Karam
    Civil Law | Contract Law | Private International Law | International Arbitration | Internatio0nal Trade Law | Business law
  • Mr. Haitham Sakr
    Administrative Law | Human Rights Law | Public Service
Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities
  • Fr. Georges Hobeika
    Greek Philosophy
  • Mrs. Hoda Matar Nehme
    Modern and Contemporary Arab Thought | Interculturalism
  • Mrs. Mirna Mzawak
    Sociology of the family | Sociology of religions | Sociology of the youth | Sociology of social work
  • Fr. Jean (Roland) Akiki
    Philosophy of Religion
  • Mrs. Marie Fayad
    Political Philosophy | Nietzschean Thought
  • Fr. Jean Reaidy
    Phenomenology and Contemporary Philosophy
  • Mrs. Randa Abi Aad
    Phenomenology: Edith Stein, Husserl and the Circle of Göttingen. | Philosophical anthropology: identity, alterity, empathy, humanism / post-humanism, civilizations issues and cultural mutations. | Mystique: philosophy and mysticism, Spanish mystic of the Sixteenth Century
  • Mrs. Nadine Zalaket
    The psychological health of the teenager | The impact of the family on the development of the teenager | Care, counselling and listening services
Faculty of Letters
  • Mrs. Nicole Saliba Chalhoub
    Poetic Genres | Contemporary and Present French Fiction | Psychoanalysis applied to Literature | Hermeneutics applied to Literature
  • Mr. Joseph Chraim
    Translation Studies | Bilingualism | Bilingual Terminology | Lexicology | Arab Comparative Literature
  • Mrs. Rosie Khoury Ghannage
    Applied linguistics | Socio-linguistics
  • Mrs. Mireille Issa
    Medievalism | Medieval-Latinism | Literature (Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance), Languages (Latin and ancient French), History and Anthropology (Middle Ages)
  • Mr. Talal Wehbe
    Critical stylistics of literary corpus | Pragmatics and speech analysis of non-literary corpus | Terminology and lexical semantic analysis
  • Mrs. Christelle Stephan Hayek
    Stylstics | Rhethoric | Theater (16th and 17th centuries – Jean Racine) | Language Teaching | FLE (French as Foreign Language)
  • Mrs. Ranya Salameh
    Translatology and Language Sciences | Translation teaching and Translators Training | Cultural References: Identity and Alterity | Language policies, Certifications & Quality Approach
  • Mrs. Samar El Hage
    Theater and performing arts | Linguistics and sociolinguistics (especially pragmatics and enunciation) | Rhetoric and communication | Literature
Faculty of Sciences
  • Mr. Charbel Fares
    Image Processing | Virtual Reality | Robotics | Machine Architecture and Software Engineering
  • Mrs. Nathalie Estephan
    Analytical Chemistry : Quality Control, Spectroscopy, Chemometrics and Data Processing
  • Mr. Walid harb
    Molecular Simulation and Modeling | Computer chemistry and biochemistry | Molecular and supramolecular chemistry | Green chemistry | Sustainable chemistry
  • Mrs. Faten El Hage Yahchouchi
    Basic and applied immunology | Molecular Biology | Genetic Engineering
  • Mr. Joseph Saab
    Physico-chemical Properties of Oil Organic Molecules | Aquaeous Solubility of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Static and Dynamic Modes | Vapor Pressure | Equilibria between Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Gas Phases | Potential of Bioaccumulation of Organic Xenobiotics | Thermodynamics of Air-Water Partition | Water and Air Organic Pollution
  • Mr. Mohamad Kacim
    Stochastic Process | Time Series | Risk Theory | Survival Models | Probability & Statistics | Spectral Theory | Computational Topology
  • Mrs. Rola Zaydan
    Analysis in Chemical Environment | Approaches to Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical and Environment Sectors | The preparation of specific enzyme electrodes & microelectrode, etc.
  • Mr. Naim Ouaïni
    Chemistry : Food sciences, analytical, didactics, environmental, industrial, physical | Biochemistry : food sciences, analytical, environmental, microbiological
  • Mr. Walid Hleihel
    Human Physiology and Physiopathology
  • Mrs. Tilda Karkour Akiki
    Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic Panels and Fuel Cells | Sustainable Development: Natural Systems Capacities and Natural Resources
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Fr. Joseph Wakim
    Administration and Management
  • Mr. Nabil Nemer
    Chemical Ecology of Insects (Extracting pheromones from insects – Insect-Plant Interactions) | Phytopharmacy or Plants Protection and Pesticides residues | Biological and Integrated Pest Control | Forest Ecology (Invertebrates Population Dynamics)
  • Mrs. Lara Hanna Wakim
    Food Process Engineering | Food Safety | Quality Insurance in the Food Industry
  • Mr. Marc Beyrouthy (El)
    Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology | Bioactivity of Plants Extracts | Biodiversity, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants | Plants Propagation | Drugs Falsification
  • Mr. Afif Abdel Nour
    Nutrigenetics | Molecular Biology | Microbiota analysis | Omics Techniques
Faculty of Engineering
  • Mr. Joseph Zalaket
    Planning in Artificial Intelligence
  • Mr. Barbar Zeghondy
    Thermal Radiation in semi-transparent heterogeneous environments and porous environments | Stochastic Modeling Monte Carlo technique | Filamentary discharge of cold plasmas | Heat transfer in buildings | Modeling of thermal efficiency of solar collectors | Audit of energy performance of buildings
  • Mr. Charles Yaacoub
    Joint Source-Channel Coding; Distributed Video Coding | High Dynamic Range Images; Analysis/Synthesis of 2D/3D Textures | Image Processing; Telecommunication Systems
  • Mrs. Sandy Rihana
    Medical Engineering | Medical Data Processing (Medical Signals and Medical Images) | Development of Intelligent Support Systems for Medical Diagnosis | Development of Smart Phones and Medical Devices | Medical Information Systems | Brain Computer Interface (Acquisitions, Design, Processing & Control) | Nuclear Medicine & Image Processing
  • Mr. Joseph El Assad
    Energy Efficiency | Renewable Energies | Energy Policy | Mechatronics | Optoelectronic Sensors
Pontifical Faculty of Theology
  • Fr. Jean Azzam
    Biblical Sciences
  • Fr. Ayoub Chahwan
    Biblical Theology
  • Fr. Gaby Hachem
  • Fr. Wahib Khawaji
    Moral Theology
  • Fr. Hady Mahfouz
    Biblical Sciences
  • Fr. Antoine Jabbour Mikhael
    Théologie (Sacra Theologia)
  • Fr. Marwan Azar
  • Fr. Antoine Ahmar (Al)
    Catholic Theology
  • Fr. Charbel Chlela
    Ethic Fundamental Theology | Bioethics | Familial and sexual ethics | Health pastoral care: assistance to ill people and terminally-ill patients
  • Fr. Michel Abou Tacca
    Canon Law
Faculty of Religious and Oriental Studies
  • Fr. Augustin Mouhanna
  • Fr. Ziad Sacre
    Liturgy | Theology | History
Institute of History
  • Fr. Karam Rizk
    History of Medieval and Contemporary Lebanon
  • Fr. Joseph Moukarzel
    History of Medieval Lebanon
  • Fr. Jean-Maroun Maghames
    Philosophy and Contemporary History
  • Fr. Elias Hanna
    History of Religions and Religious Anthropology
Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Mr. Antoine Fichfich
  • Fr. Abdo Badawi
    Painting and Sculpture, History of Art, Sacred Art, Maronite and Syriac Art, Christian Iconography, Liturgical Art, Christian Archeology and Architecture, Semitic Languages (Syriac)
  • Mr. Paul Abi Khattar Zgheib
    Photographic Image | Sacred Art | History (micro history)
  • Mr. Michel Chalhoub
    Structure | Rock Mechanics | Finite Elements | Historical Monuments
  • Mr. Joseph Nasr
    Architecture – Philosophy | The Theory, Aesthetics and Poetic in Architecture | The space and its relation with regard to ruins, loss and memory | The Phenomenology of Space | Living in Architecture
  • Mr. Victor Takchi
    Conception Assistée par Ordinateur | Gestion des bases de données graphiques pour l’architecture | L’espace virtuel et les technologies de communication en architecture | Design urbain (essentiellement les villes méditerranéennes et du Golfe)
  • Mrs. May Farhat
    History of Art; Islamic Architecture in general; Safavid and Ottoman Architecture (Iran, Ottoman Empire), in particular.
Higher Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences
  • Mr. Nassif Hitti
    Foreign Policy Based on Comparative Approaches, Middle East, Regional and International Organizations
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