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Center for Human Rights

The Faculty of law of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik created the « Human Rights Center » in 2012, which seeks to strengthen the role of civil society in promoting human rights and the implementation of democratic reforms.

The Human Rights Center is committed to:
  • Endorsing a culture of human rights among students and citizens;
  • Promoting free legal services and assistance to vulnerable cases relating to human rights;
  • Developing a new policy of reforms and recommendations for human rights.

The Human Rights Center brings together several units of research in several fields related to legal and socio-political issues.

These different research units meet at more than one level, thus allowing a better coordination among the various departments of the Faculty of Law.

The research units are as follows:
  • Human rights
  • Law religious in third world countries
  • Lebanese citizenship
  • Civil society
  • The Lebanese Constitution
  • Thematic summer schools

Aware of the importance of human rights and the significant role of the Center, the USEK Faculty of law speaks to many areas of society:
  • Students and human rights activists (MENA region) who constitute the main target of this project;
  • Local and regional non-governmental organizations who may constitute a mass lobby to promote human rights education;
  • Unions and the Bar Association who are able to gradually spread this culture by defending more human rights cases;
  • Police and judicial officials who have the mission of protecting human rights; and victims of violations against human rights.
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