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May 8, 2014
4th Scientific Day: Science in the Public Sector - An Added Value

On Thursday May 8, 2014, the Faculty of Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) organized its fourth Scientific Day entitled “Sciences in the Public Sector: An Added Value” in cooperation with the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Sciences.

The Academic Secretary of the Faculty, Dr. Faten El Hage, inaugurated the day by saying that this event has become a custom in the University, and she stressed that the partnership between the State and the academic and industrial sectors constitutes a great support for innovation, economic growth and competitiveness of a State.

Then, Dr. Ali Berro, Director of the Quality Program, QuaLeb, in the Ministry of Economy and Trade, indicated that “sciences in Lebanon do not get a real attention, since the State spends less than 0.5% of its total expenses on this field […]. The Quality Program provides technical assistance to 16 laboratories, among which 11 were granted the ISO 17025 […]. In its third phase, the program will provide training and consultancy assistance to laboratories […]”

Mrs. Lina Dergham, Interim Director of the Lebanese Standards Institution LIBNOR, introduced the Institution and stated that, in the past few years, LIBNOR undertook standardization activities in multiple sectors. She also talked about current issues, such as climate change, the rationalization of power consumption, sustainable development, green buildings and corporate social responsibility.

The General Director of the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS), Dr. Maral Totelian, declared that “The responsibility of producing the official numbers of a country rests on the shoulders of a unique public entity which organizes the process within a national statistical system.” She continued by saying that CAS cooperates with multiple local, regional and international partners, the most prominent being the universities in Lebanon.

The President of the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Sciences, Prof. Naim Oueini, stressed the organic linkage between scientific research and universities. He stated: “The National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon supports scientific research to meet the needs of Lebanon; in fact, it is the scientific wing of the Lebanese State showcasing excellence and innovation produced by research.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Badih Baz, declared: “In order to cope with the development of the public sector, we have to endow students with international standards like globalization, accreditation and high quality. As a result, USEK and its Faculty of Sciences developed a national and international network covering around 8 local institutions and 130 international institutions; in addition, the University earned the Evalag accreditation.”

Finally, Dr. Baz presented honorary shields for panelists before launching three successive workshops. Then, the President of the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Sciences presented the rewards to three students with the winning projects.
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