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March 15, 2012
Conferences on “Green Chemistry”

On March 15, 2012, The Department of Chemistry, and Life and Earth Sciences of The Faculty of Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, in collaboration with Atomes co. – Canada, organized two conferences concerning “Green Chemistry”.

In her welcome speech, Dr. Faten El Hage, the Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Sciences, introduced the speakers; Dr. Fadi Dagher, Research and Development Director in Atomes, holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and is an expert in chemical industries, while Dr. Gilles Fortin, the Technical Director of Atomes, is in charge of industrial water treatment.

Dr. Fadi Dagher presented an overview of Atomes, and described it as a pioneer company in manufacturing biodegradable earth-friendly products and cleaners. He then elaborated on the various ways of manufacturing specialty chemicals and the benefits of adopting the principles of “green chemistry”, particularly the reduction of resulting emissions for chemical industries. He underlined that every year new eco-friendly chemical products are created out of biodegradable raw materials. Dr. Dagher also pointed out that Atomes is a leading company in manufacturing specialty chemicals for food-processing plants, wherein food safety is the number one priority.

The presentation of Dr. Gilles Fortin tackled the issue of water treatment, wherein he explained the various ways of treating wastewater. He discussed the four phases that the treatment process undergoes and the corrosion inhibitors in closed systems.
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