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October 19, 2010
"Environment: Principles and Solutions"

Under the patronage of H.E. Mr. Mohammad Rahal, Minister of Environment, the Faculty of Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and First Protocol organized on October 19, 2010 a seminar on "Environment: Principles and Solutions", in collaboration with Bank Audi, in the Auditorium of building H – USEK Main Campus.

Following the National Anthem, Mr. Maroun Balaa, General Manager of First Protocol, stressed in his speech that the main objective of this seminar consists in shortening distances between the public and private sectors and encouraging the youth to have their say concerning environmental issues which determine their future. Whereas Prof. Naïm Ouaini pointed out that it has become necessary to develop a pertinent action plan to face the problems of desertification, scarcity of water resources, industrial and agricultural pollution, etc. and within this framework, highlighted the importance of the USEK environmental project “Let's Go Green for a Sustainable Future! Towards a Carbon Neutral University” which aims at transforming the University into a model of environmental responsibility in the Middle East, a goal that will involve the entire campus community in the process of becoming a carbon neutral, resource efficient, zero emissions, internationally certified educational institution. H.E. Mr. Rahal, Minister of Environment, emphasized in turn the role of society and the private sector in supporting the projects launched by the Ministry of Environment since every individual should have his part of responsibility and stop blaming others. He clarified that environmental attitude is a culture that, once adopted, can lead to salvation. We cannot keep on talking about industrial pollution but rather about an environmental industrialist and a non-environmental one. Rahal finally underlined the repercussions of global warming in general and on the agricultural field in particular, pointing out that according to the latest statistics one fifth of the plants is extinct as a result of climate change...
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