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From August 3 to 7, 2014
International Contest in Architecture

‘Warwick Junction’, in the heart of Durban, was the site of an international contest for architecture students worldwide, within the framework of the UIA congress in South Africa (August 3-7 2014). A transport hub of the city, it is complex place for informal exchange and trade of considerable scale.

Based on the theme of the congress: ‘Architecture Otherwhere’, the contest aimed at highlighting the complex ecology of ‘Warwick Junction’ and its economic, social and cultural dynamism, and proposed solutions for the interest and welfare of the community and the half million persons who visit it every day. Projects had to simultaneously suggest three visions: a long-term and a large scale; a medium-term and a medium-scale development; a small scale for immediate intervention.

October 2013: 700 architecture students worldwide registered in the contest and 490 from 167 nationalities presented their projects.

April 2014: 15 students were preselected and invited to participate in the IUA congress in Durban for the jury to draw its last selection.

August 3 to 7 2014: IUA congress in Durban

August 7: Awards Ceremony. The Urban Machine: Rita Soueidi - Honourable Mention
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