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January 15, 2013
Meeting of the Deans of the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences in Lebanon

On Tuesday January 15, 2013, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik hosted a meeting of the Deans of the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences in Lebanon in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, H.E. Mr. Houssein Hajj Hassan, all of whom were welcomed by the University President Reverend Father Hady Mahfouz.

The meeting was held in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at USEK and attended by Minister H.E. Mr. Hajj Hassan, the General Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Louis Lahoud, the General Director of Agriculture, Dr. Michel Ephrem, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at USEK, Reverend Father Joseph Wakim, along with representatives from agriculture faculties in Lebanese universities and other faculty members.

In his welcome speech, Rev. Fr. Joseph Wakim welcomed the crowd and stated that “This meeting gathered experts in agricultural engineering to examine from a scientific perspective the responsibility we shoulder in preparing for an important future for the agricultural sector in Lebanon and in forming students to be leaders in the society…”

Then the Minister of Agriculture, H.E. Mr. Hussein Hajj Hassan took to the floor and said that “The Ministry of Agriculture has hosted a similar meeting where a number of objectives related to scientific research, libraries, expertise exchange, training, the national strategy for agriculture, among others, were set.” He wished that “they lay the foundations of coordination and expertise exchange for the good of the Lebanese agriculture”, adding that “success is a group success where all stakeholders have their share.” He declared that the goal of this meeting is to support the success of the agricultural sector. Furthermore, it was announced that forty new engineers will join the Ministry; H.E. Mr. Hussein Hajj praised the role of the universities in this matter.

Afterwards, the Head of the Higher Institute for Agricultural Engineering for Mediterranean Countries in the Saint Joseph University, Dr. Maya Kharrat Sarkis, tackled the subject of coordinating scientific research among stakeholders; Rev. Fr. Wakim intervened and talked about the exchange of publications; the representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in the Lebanese University, Dr. Samir Medawar examined the subject of mutual training; Dr. Jad Chaaban read the speech of Dr. Nahla Hawla, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut, on food security; and last but not least, the Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Salah Hajj Hassan spoke on the agricultural strategy along with the 5 year plan launched by Minister Hajj Hassan in 2010.

Finally, the University organized a lunch for the attendees and the University President, Reverend Father Hady Mahfouz and the Assistant General at the Lebanese Maronite Order, Reverend Fathe. Nehmatallah Hachem.
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