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February 7, 2012
The Opening Ceremony of the 9th Meeting of the Society of Faculties of Sciences, Members in the Association of Arab Universities

On February 7, 2012, the Faculty of Sciences within the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) organized the opening ceremony of the “9th Meeting of the Society of Faculties of Sciences, Members of the Association of Arab Universities”. The opening of this 3 day meeting was held in the presence of Rev. Fr. Hady Mahfouz, USEK President, Rev. Fr. Karam Rizk, Vice-President, Rev. Fr. Georges Hobeika, Vice-President of International Relations, Rev. Fr. Michel Abou Tacca, Secretary General, Prof. Sultan Abu Orabi, Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Hisham Ahmad Youssef El Sayyed, Secretary General of the Society of the Faculties of Sciences, Dr. Badih Baz, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at USEK, in addition to the Deans of the member Faculties of Sciences, and Members of the USEK Council.

Following the welcome speech by Dr. Faten El Hage, Dr. Badih Baz praised the efforts deployed by the Society and its constant contribution to scientific development within the Arab world. Dr. El Sayyed presented an overview of the Society, pointing out that it was founded in 1998, with the participation of 56 Deans from member Arab universities representing 16 Arab countries. He also mentioned that one of the goals of the Society is to promote student exchange, joint scientific research and the exchange of results.

Afterwards, Prof. Abu Orabi underlined the fact that the Association of Arab Universities is investing all its potentials and skills in updating its programs and teaching strategies, following up the latest technologies in the telecom revolution and meeting the emerging requirements of the era of knowledge, by holding scientific conferences and colloquiums. Abu Orabi also declared that the Association has taken the decision to form a Council for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, which will be in charge of conducting institutional evaluation for Arab universities and be responsible for carrying out the accreditation procedure, in collaboration with concerned local, Arab, and international institutions, bodies and organizations.

Fr. Mahfouz highlighted, that USEK is pursuing its tercentenary mission in higher education and that its Faculties address various fields of knowledge from arts, music, letters and philosophy to engineering, medicine, business, sciences and others. He underlined that this meeting is in line with the USEK mission and identity, pointing out that the University is wholly open to cooperation with other universities in Arab countries. At the end, Fr. Mahfouz thanked all the participants and the organizers of the event.
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