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October 30, 2013
Second Ceremony for the Award of Certificates in Leadership

On Wednesday October 30, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) launched a second ceremony for the award of Certificates in Leadership. The ceremony occurred in collaboration with the School of Management at the George Washington University. Personalities involved in political, diplomatic, educational and social fields participated in this event.

The Head of Corporate Relations at the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Mrs. Salameh Madonna, opened the ceremony, by saying: "For the second consecutive year, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik celebrates Continuing Education, thanks to the partnership with the School of Management at the George Washington University.” She expressed thanks to several well-known professionals, whilst also remarking that USEK is the only University to award this diploma throughout Lebanon and the MENA region.

In addition, the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Professor Nehme Azoury said that the two institutions were delighted to celebrate the awarding of Certificates in Leadership, thus further promoting an ongoing partnership that provides exceptional training for future leaders. Prof. Azoury also noted that, "True leadership is not limited to the regulatory powers but comes from the ability to inspire others, in order to expand their aspirations and mark progress. Everyone must have the courage to be responsible when dealing with obstacles and to open themselves up to new horizons.” 

The Vice Dean of Executive Education and Director of the Master in Finance program at the School of Management at George Washington University and Director of the Program of Leadership in Lebanon at the School of Management at George Washington University, Dr. Georges Jabbour said, "This partnership aims to build bridges between people through education, in order to overcome challenges and work for the development of humanity.” He reiterated his pride in this partnership, by stating, "We are looking forward to further cooperation between our two institutions, in order to create true leaders within Lebanon, the region and the world."

Reverend Father Hady Mahfouz, President of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik declared, "I would like to share with you our concept of work and success. We must start to think in a multidimensional way; first, the human dimension, then the social and circumstantial one, and finally the historical dimension. The work also engages strategic planning, in order to achieve our plans and turn them into reality." Then Rev. Fr. Mahfouz spoke to the graduates saying, "We have already placed the cornerstones of USEK and it is now up to you to maintain this momentum, in order to sow "good work" and achieve “excellency"”. 

At the end of the ceremony, a dinner followed the distribution of Certificates in Leadership to graduates. 
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