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June 14, 2013
USEK - HEC Montréal Graduation Ceremony

On Friday June 14, 2013, The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) celebrated the graduation of 12 students who constitute the second promotion of a collaborative program with HEC Montreal: Graduate Diploma in Management. The Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon, Her Excellency Mrs. Hilary Childs-Adams, the Director of HEC Montreal, Dr. Michel Patry, the President USEK, Fr. Dr. Hady Mahfouz, the Director of the International Executive Education at HEC Montreal, Dr. Hassan Taghvai, the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Professor Nehme Azoury; in addition, members of the University Council, graduates and their families, and educational and social figures, attended the ceremony.

Following the Lebanese and Canadian national anthems, the International Relations Coordinator at the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Ms. Lea Yahchouchi gave the inaugural speech and said: “We have always sustained that the passion for teaching and, its counterpart, the passion for learning, are at the core of this unique partnership… the will to develop our international relationships led us naturally to Canada and to HEC Montreal, prestigious institution with which we launched a program for exchange and ideas development.”

Then, the Director of the International Executive Education at HEC Montreal, Dr. Hassan Taghvai, addressed the graduates, saying that he is proud of their success, explaining that their graduation imposes new responsibilities and that the two institutions “will need your contribution in time and expertise to create over the years a network of Lebanese leaders who will be major actors in the evolution of our offshore programs and the link of our two countries”.

The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Prof. Nehme Azoury, declared that “The partnership with HEC Montreal is the best proof of the existing and non-deniable link that makes the Lebanese-Canadian relationships special”. He then addressed the graduates and told them that they made the right choice with this program in partnership with HEC Montréal, one of the best Schools of Business.

The Director of HEC Montreal, Dr. Michel Patry stated: “Today I stand before you with great pleasure and considerable pride, as we celebrate the graduation of the second Graduate Diploma in Management cohort of HEC Montréal with the collaboration of USEK in Lebanon.” He congratulated the graduates saying, “Your time with us has prepared you to be successful leaders in business and society. But remember that with success come responsibilities. Local and international businesses, institutions and governments will be expecting a lot from you…”

Then, the Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon, H. E. Mrs. Hilary Childs-Adams took the floor and declared that, “this ceremony emphasizes the best of Canadian and Lebanese academic relations, bringing together two prestigious institutions. Two institutions internationally recognized for the excellence of their teaching and research programs and their tradition of openness to the world… Education transmits knowledge and skills, but also – importantly values. These values are at the heart of the cooperation between institutions such as Kaslik and HEC…”

The President of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Fr. Dr. Hady Mahfouz, acknowledged that “USEK and HEC Montreal have worked hard for the sake of establishing a successful collaboration… I am happy we reached an advanced stage of our working together, and I am positive our institutions will keep drawing an ongoing history with various facets always for the sake of beauty.” He added: “We are all aware that in the university world, this is a time of significant changeover from the localized conventional higher education to the globally open higher education space... Universities should create a balance in higher education through what is known as glocalization; they should think globally in a local context and, at the same time, think locally while being universal...”

Finally, souvenirs were exchanged and certificates were distributed to the graduates. A dinner followed the ceremony.
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