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Pontifical Faculty of Theology
Faculty Members
Tenured Lecturers (2010-2011)

Regular Lecturers (by Roman Nomenclature)
Full-time Lecturers (according to the USEK Statutes) Part-time Lecturers (according to the USEK Statutes)
List of Lecturers for the Undergraduate Studies by Courses
(1st and 2nd semesters) 2010-2011
French and Arabic Academic Sections

  • Dr. Randa Abi Aad (Methodology of Philosophical Texts ; Medieval Philosophy)
  • Fr. Jean Akiki (Greek Philosophy; Medieval Philosophy)
  • Fr. Georges Antaby (Contemporary Philosophy; Classic and Modern Formal Logic)
  • Dr. Najm Bou Fadel (Hermeneutics)
  • Dr. Henri Cremona (Metaphysics)
  • Dr. Mariette Fayad (Modern Philosophy; Moral and Political Philosophy)
  • Dr. Tanios Habib (Philosophy and Sciences; Greek Philosophy)
  • Dr. Joseph Khalil (Introduction to Philosophy; Methodology of Philosophical Texts)
  • Dr. Hoda Nehme (Modern and Contemporary Arabic Thinking)
  • Fr. Bassem Rai (El) (Moral and Political Philosophy)
  • Fr. Jean Reaidy (Greek Philosophy; Contemporary Philosophy )
  • Mrs. Joelle Samaha (Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Dr. Michel Zakaria (Hermeneutics)
  • Dr. Randa Abi Aad (Methodology of Philosophical Texts ; Medieval Philosophy)

Human Sciences
  • Dr. Carine Azzi (Sociology)
  • Fr. Joseph Mouannes (Anthropology)
  • Dr. Mirna Mezawak (Sociology; Sociology of Religion)
  • Sr. Aida Nakhle (Methodology of University Research)
  • Fr. Thom Sciking (Sociology of Religion)
  • Dr. Danielle Tabet (Methodology of University Research)
  • Dr. Fouad Tahan (Psychopathology of the Adult)

Bible and Biblical Languages
  • Sr. Rose Abi Aad (Workshop : Psalms)
  • Fr. Antoine Aoukar (Introduction to the Bible; Workshop : Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles; Workshop : Pauline Corpus)
  • Fr. Jean Azzam (Introduction to the Bible; Historical Books; The Prophets)
  • Sr. Dolly Chaaya (Pauline Corpus; Workshop : Pauline Corpus; Workshop : Johannine Corpus)
  • Fr. Ayoub Chahwan (Psalms and Wisdom Books; The Prophets)
  • Fr. Assaad Jawhar (Johannine Corpus; Pauline Corpus)
  • Sr. Bacima Khoury (Johannine Corpus)
  • Fr. Hady Mahfouz (Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles; Pauline Corpus)
  • Fr. Joseph Naffah (Pentateuch)

Biblical Languages
  • Sr. Rose Abi Aad (Hebrew)
  • Fr. Emile Akiki (Hebrew)
  • Dr. Maroun Mounsef (Greek)

Dogmatic and Sacramentary Theology (including Ecumenism, Islam and Interreligious Dialogue)
  • Fr. Antoine Al-Ahmar (Introduction to Theology)
  • Fr. Marwan Azar (Trinity; Eschatology)
  • Fr. Fadi Daou (Interreligious Dialogue)
  • Fr. Najem Chahwan (Ordains of Ministries)
  • Fr. Khalil Chalfoun (Christian Anthropology; Eschatology)
  • Dr. Pamela Chrabieh (Dialogue interreligieux)
  • Fr. Gaby Hachem (Ecclesiology; Ecumenism; Theology of Ministries)
  • Fr. Nemetallah Hachem (Islamology)
  • Sr. Marcelle Hadaya (Theology of the Liturgy)
  • Fr. Charbel Keyrouz (Workshop: Ordains of Ministries)
  • Fr. Antoine Mikhael (Christology; Mariology; Revelation and Faith)
  • Fr. Joseph Mouawad (Trinity)
  • Fr. Augustin Mouhanna (Sacramentary Theology; Eucharism)

Moral Theology and Spirituality
  • Fr. Charbel Chlela (Moral and Fundamental Theology; Bioethics)
  • Fr. Charbel Keyrouz (Workshop : Sexuality, Marriage and Family)
  • Fr. Wahib Khawaja (Marriage and Family Sexuality; Human and Theological Virtues)
  • Fr. Louis Khawand (Morale sociale)
  • Fr. Rafic Warcha (Social Teaching of the Church ; Human and Theological Virtues ; Workshop: Social Morals) Canonical Law
  • Fr. Michel Abou Tacca (Clerics, Devotions and Secularism)
  • Mgr. Elie Haddad (Marriage)
  • Fr. Maroun Nasr (Marriage)
  • Fr. Elias Sleiman (General Norms and Institutions)

History of Church and Fathers of the Church
  • Fr. Elie Azzi (History of Church I : Antiquity)
  • Fr. Naji Edelby (Fathers of the Church : II and III Centuries)
  • Fr. Joseph Gebara (Fathers of the Church : IV and V Centuries)
  • Fr. Elias Hanna (History of Medieval Church; History of Modern and Contemporary Church)
  • Fr. Jean-Louis Lingot (Fathers of the Church : IV and V Centuries)
  • Fr. Karam Rizk (History of Medieval Church)
  • Fr. Paul Rouhana (Introduction to Oriental Churches)

Sacred Art
  • Fr. Youssef Tannous (Sacred Music)
  • Mrs. Elsy Abou Jaoude (Sacred Art)
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