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Conservation and Restoration Center


This procedure includes two aspects, «preventive» and «curative».
It simultaneously provides:
  • Protection of the material and esthetic integrity of documents
  • Longevity of the writing surface
  • Transference of the contents of collections to future generations

The treatment of collections in curative conservation, applied by the CRC, goes through many phases:
  • Disinfection and / or drying:
    The Center focuses on vacuum technology to disinfect collections. Each document undergoes disinfection through the sophisticated Henkovac Vacuum packaging machine
  • Surface cleaning includes dust and mold removal
  • Removal of damaging fasteners from the original document
  • Production of storage boxes :
    The Center produces a wide range of tailor-made acid-free packages (with pH neutral or alkaline reserve)

The CRC ensures the technical management of written heritage, and offers its vault, designed according to internationally recognized standards of conservation, as a safe where valuable collections can be stored:
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system which regulates a continuous supply of filtered fresh air and the extraction of used air
  • Ideal humidity rate (50%± 5) and stable temperature (18ºC ± 2)
  • Compact shelving units incorporating coatings and components that meet strict archive storage protection standards
  • Walls painted with antifungal paint
  • Protection against fires ensured by a sophisticated system, composed of fire and smoke detectors, fire doors, fire alarm, and a non-toxic gas harmless to humans and paperwork (FM 200)
  • Protection against burglary ensured by surveillance cameras and an alarm system.

Rates for box production

Small Format
150 mm * 210 mm
Medium Format
300 mm * 210 mm
Large Format
420 mm*300 mm
Soft Box 15.00 USD* 18.00 USD* -
Soft Case 18.00 USD*  20.00 USD* -
Mylar Pocket 4.00 USD* 6.00 USD* 8.00 USD*
Flexible Pocket with 4 Flaps 5.00 USD* 8.00 USD* 10.00 USD*
Portfolio 30.00 USD* 35.00 USD* 40.00 USD*
Hard Box 40.00 USD* 45.00 USD* 50.00 USD*
Shell Box 55.00 USD* 60.00 USD* 65.00 USD*
Shell Box with Lectern 80.00 USD* 90.00 USD* 100.00 USD*

*Prices do not include VAT
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