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Conservation and Restoration Center


In addition to the conservation and restoration of the written heritage, the Center offers the following services:
  • Expertise and instruction
  • Consultation and analysis of the condition of your collections
  • Instructions for appropriate conservation and packaging of your collections
  • Development of an inventory, identification and evaluation for your collections
  • Creation of a codicological description and photographic documentation
  • Completion of reports written by experts.
  • Assisting in case of natural disaster

A quotation may be established on site and by appointment after an analysis of the condition of the collection (free quotation)

Preliminary consultation about the condition of the collection is offered for free, after which a financial quotation can be arranged upon your request, needs and priorities.

Competence and professionalism is offered to all:
  • Collectors of rare or valuable documents
  • Owners of one or more documents, which have special personal value
  • Curators of a legacy fund (library, diocese, municipality, etc.)
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