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was a very interesting year with many changes, transformations and developments at the USEK Library for its users. We hope we have been able to give you a clear picture of where the Library stands.

Here are some interesting facts and figures related to USEK Library:

Category Figures
Number of print volumes by faculty, department or subject 290,000
Number of electronic resources 157
Number of electronic books 273,190
Number of periodicals (print) 1,720
Number of periodicals (electronic) 141,779
Number of Microfilms/Microfiche 2,874 / 205
Number of Rare Books 6,010
Number of Special Collection Titles 23,100
Number of ILL-DDS transactions 490
Number of purchased items 2,557
Circulation statistics: Borrowed 20,514
Number of digitized images 1,674,785
Number of items preserved/restored 1105 / 41
Number of manuscripts 2,104
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