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Digital Development Center

Order a Copy

You can order print or digital copies of the resources in the USEK Library collection.


Initial Processing fee (minimal charge):
1. Articles and Book Chapters: USD 10.00
2. Manuscripts: USD 20.00
3. Microfilm/Microfiche: USD 25.00

Format Type Price/image
  1-99 Images Amount in L.L. /Image
Digital Images JPEG Low 1,500
PDF Copies B/W 1,500
Photocopied Prints A4 B/W 250
  A4 Colored 500
  A3 B/W 500
  A3 Colored 1,000

Format Type Price/image
Digital Images JPEG Low 4,500
PDF Copies B/W 4,500
Photocopied Prints A4 B/W 4,500
  A4 Colored 9,000
  A3 B/W 9,000
  A3 Colored 18,000

Commercial: Tiff - High Resolution *
Establishment Type Price/image
University presses and non-profit publishers 1-100 Images 30,000
Commercial publishers 1-100 Images 112,500
Other non-editorial commercially financed users and for-profit business advertising 1-100 Images 112,500
Commercial television or video 1-100 Images 300,000
Non-profit television or video 1-100 Images 75,000
Internet or website use 1-100 Images 300,000

*If the request is for more than 100 images, please contact the Center.

Payment Methods

Please note, advance payment of fees is required for all orders.
We accept cash, checks drawn on a Lebanese bank, MasterCard, or Visa.
All reproductions are prepared to order and cannot be returned for credit.


1. Users must respect copyright and other legal rights held by other parties that may affect the use of materials in the collections;
2. Copies that are made principally for commercial purposes may be subject to separate agreement between the user and the USEK Library holding the materials of interest;
3. Permission to reproduce does not constitute permission to publish;
4. Reproductions are intended for personal, academic or scholarly use. Patrons are responsible for all copyright and permission matters;
5. Some materials may not be available for duplication due to condition. We reserve the right to limit duplication of fragile material;
6. Normal processing time for duplication orders is 5 to 10 working days. The Digital Development Center requests that orders are placed a minimum of 10 days in advance whenever possible;
Arrangements must be made for payment of all fees before orders will be processed.
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