Minor in Art and Architecture History


The mission of the minor in art and architecture history is to give students an introduction to the architecture profession by offering undergraduate courses that provide them with a preliminary education in architectural culture.

Program Educational Objectives

1. The minor in art and architecture history qualifies its students to become familiar with architectural tools.
2. Students will be able to communicate and coordinate with architectural firms and professional engineers.
3. The program gives its students an understanding of heritage preservation, archeology and contemporary architectural projects.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will be able to enlarge their architectural knowledge by understanding the social and environmental impacts of an architectural project.
b. Students will be able to interact with all the professional sectors that take part in architectural projects.
c. Students will become knowledgeable about the intricacies of Lebanese heritage buildings, sacred monasteries and churches, and archeological sites.
d. Students will be able to understand the history of architecture and its evolution through the ages.

Minor Requirements

ARCH310     History and Culture of Architecture I     3
ARCH410     History and Theory of Architecture II     3
ARCH484     Landscape Architecture     3
ARCH486     Architectural Heritage Buildings     3
ARCH487     Intercultural Workshop Studies     3
ARS430     Traditional Religious Architecture     3
Total           18
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