Minor in Electrical Installation


The mission of the minor in electrical installation is to prepare graduates with an integrative understanding of electrical installation issues in a safe and supervised environment.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Develop creative solutions to problems and conceive innovative approaches in the development and design of complex electrical installation plans.
2. Adapt the solution between the client’s needs, the cost, environmental issues, and ethical responsibility.

Program Outcomes

a. Design and implement lighting, power, earthing, and lightning protection systems in buildings.
b. Design the electric plans corresponding to phone, data, fire, intrusion, videophone, video monitoring, access control, distribution TV, sound, and home automation systems.

Minor Requirements

GEL312     Electric Power Systems     3
GEL373     Electric Power Systems Laboratory     1
GEL430     Electric Machines     3
GEL440     Electrical Installation Design     2
GEL473     Electric Machines Lab     1
GEL531     Generation and Transport of Electrical Energy     3
GEL537     Advanced Electrical Installations Design     2
GCV320     Technical Drawings     1
GEL340     Technical Drawing and Computer Aided Design     1
GMC360     Mechanical Engineering Drawings     2
Total           16
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