Minor in Middle Eastern Studies


The mission of the minor in Middle Eastern Studies is to provide the student with a comprehensive perspective and an analytical understanding of Middle East politics and of major regional issues and challenges.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will have an understanding of the current political issues in the Middle East as well as the elements shaping these issues.
2. They will be able to apply their knowledge in their work in both the public and private sectors.
3. They will be able to analyze the current issues in the Middle East that have major influence on their professional careers.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will understand the main patterns and key issues shaping the modern and contemporary history of the Middle East.
b. Students will understand the nature and main characteristics of the Arab regimes and the elements influencing the functioning of these regimes.
c. Students will be able to identify and assess the main determinants and the interplay among them as well as the major dynamics that shape the main regional issues.
d. Students will be able to understand the main conceptual, intellectual and cultural underpinnings of the ideologies that greatly influence Middle Eastern politics.

Minor Requirements

POL322     Modern and Contemporary Political History of the Middle East     3
POL334     Political Regimes of Arab Countries     3
RIN443     The Arab-Israeli Conflict     3
RIN444     Water Issues in Regional Politics     3
SPO441     Contemporary Political Thought in the Arab-Muslim World     3
SPO451     Lebanon’s Political Regime     3
Total           18
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