From October 23 till 25, 2012
Archaeological Material Conservation-Restoration Workshop

From Tuesday 23 October until Tuesday 25 October, 2012, the Archaeological Museum of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (MAU) hosted a general training workshop on archaeological material conservation-restoration. The workshop was instigated and supervised by Mr. Pascal Maritaux, Conservator and Assistant Engineer at the Laboratory of Medieval and Modern Mediterranean Archaeology (LA3M) UMR 7298 CNRS - Université de Provence, the Mediterranean Humanities House, Aix-en-Provence.

Archaeological Material Conservation-Restoration
The workshop aimed at providing the necessary methodological tools to define the needs and treatments, in terms of conservation and restoration, of archaeological material. It tackled the ethics, intervention methodology, terminology, major alterations and their current causes, plus issues pertaining to both preventive conservation and the conservation of land.

Learning Objectives
Following the workshop, participants should have been able to accomplish the following tasks:
  • To assess the state of conservation of an artifact, define the necessary treatments for its conservation-restoration, prioritize interventions and define the priorities;
  • To identify and define the main alteration causes;
  • To understand the impact of conservation conditions and implement a preventive conservation process;
  • To recognize field interventions; collection, surface protection, desalinization and packaging.

Target Audience: Archaeology students, conservators, museum conservators, etc.
Duration: Three days (from 10:00 to 16:00)
Language: French
Registration fee: 50 USD