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Cooperation between USEK and AJEM

The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and Association Justice and Mercy (AJEM) signed a memorandum of cooperation aiming to illustrate their joint wish to develop knowledge and expertise, and to raise awareness with the purpose of forming a pressure group by organizing scientific workshops, programs and activities.

AJEM Founding President Fr. Hady al-Aayya stressed the importance of this partnership, which allows removing things from the level of pure scientific theory to put them into practice and serves AJEM’s founding purpose of reaching a certain balance between justice and mercy in order to achieve personal and societal peace.

USEK President Fr. Hady Mahfouz underscored, for his part, the usefulness of this partnership for the sake of serving the public good in keeping with the University’s humanitarian mission. Furthermore, the agreement includes, among others, provisions regarding the exchange of teachers and experts, the publishing of articles and research, and the organization of periodical meetings with teachers, researchers and experts in the field.

It is worth mentioning that AJEM is a non-sectarian, apolitical Lebanese NGO founded by a group of social experts. It aims, inter alia, to improve detention conditions, rehabilitate prisoners and drug addicts, fight against torture and, ultimately, to abrogate the death penalty.
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