Today, reprography plays a very important role in the transmission of knowledge within library resources and services. The Reprography Service at USEK Library helps to preserve rare and special material and collections from being stolen or mishandled and, therefore, maintain availability of the resources.

Copies of material in the archives and special collections of the USEK Library are provided as a service to expedite research and lessen the wear-and-tear of documents. They are made solely for the personal use of the individual requesting them. Copies may not be transferred to another individual or organization, deposited at another institution, or reduplicated without prior permission of the USEK Library.

  • Services
    The Digital Development Center provides patrons with a wide array of reprography services, including photocopying, digital material and scanning of certain items from the USEK Library collections. Services are restricted to items owned by the Library. Restrictions may apply to collections due to confidentiality of certain records, right-to-privacy statutes, donor agreements, copyright restrictions, or fragility of materials.

    1. Permission to reproduce does not constitute permission to publish.
    2. Reprographies are intended for personal, academic or scholarly use. Patrons are responsible for all copyright and permissions matters.
    3. Some material may not be available for duplication due to its condition. We reserve the right to limit duplication.
    4. Normal processing time for duplication orders is 5 to 10 working days. CR&D requests that orders be placed a minimum of 10 days in advance whenever possible.
    5. Arrangements must be made for payment of all fees before orders will be processed. Payment will be accepted in the form of cash, check or wire transfer. Please visit our Payment Methods section for more details.
  • Digital images
    The Digital Development Center can provide digital images on CD at a choice of two different standards: low and high resolution with the standardized 300dpi (Dots per inch) for direct image capture.
    Any smaller dpi that is supplied will have been converted from our 300dpi standard.
  • PDF copies
    Scanned copies are also provided in two alternatives: either grayscale or colored low-resolution image.
  • Photocopied Prints
    The Digital Development Center can provide black and white or color prints in A4 and A3 sizes.

    Photographic prints will be supplied on high quality photographic paper with a semi-matte finish.
  • Ordering Instructions
    To place an order, please complete reprographic order forms available online:
    Copies from book collection
    Copies of articles
    Copies from manuscripts

    Order forms must include:
    - Complete bibliographic information: author, title, publisher, date & place of publication, volume and pages desired
    - USEK Library shelfmark number, if known.
  • Payment Methods
    Advance payment of fees is required for all orders:
    1. In cash
    2. By personal or certified check drawn from a Lebanese bank made payable to the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)
    3. By Wire Transfer: Please contact the Library Finance Department for information related to wire transfers.

    All reprographies are prepared on order and cannot be returned for credit.

    Orders and questions should be addressed to the Digital Development Center at the Library, Basement 1, Room AS161F
  • Contact
    Digital Development Center, USEK Library
    Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
    P.O. Box 446 Jounieh, Lebanon
    +961 9 600 367