USEK Continuing Learning Center (UCLC)


Time is no more an obstacle to interested people that do not seem to be able to fit their interests within their tight daily schedule – whether that means learning a new language, earning a first aid certificate, mastering a newly-bought camera or better understanding the nutritional values of food.

Aside from the variety of interesting courses offered at UCLC, other practical services are put at the disposal of curious minds. These services include:

Language proficiency
Graduating from high school soon?
UCLC gives you the opportunity to save time and finish language remedial courses at the most convenient schedules.
Afternoon and evening classes are designed to give you university level education before you get to university and register for your desired major.
UCLC staff is always ready to listen to your preferences, evaluate your strengths and give you an insight of the actual market needs in the fields you are thinking of pursuing.

Cultural Opportunities
UCLC helps you realize the opportunities waiting for you in the cultural community by providing you with a list of organizations, people of interest and events that are related to your current field and interests.

Career Assistance
Although some might enroll in UCLC classes for pure leisure or to earn a new skill, the ones interested in kicking off their careers through UCLC courses will be provided with extensive assistance that will help them achieve their goals.
Before enrolling in the class of your choice, our staff will analyze your situation, explain which options are the best to realize your ambitions and direct you towards efficiently investing what you have learned in your professional aspirations.

Individual Assessment
UCLC’s professional staff will be at your disposal for an individual assessment in which your strength and weaknesses will be analyzed to better understand the type of learning method that works best for you, as it differs from one individual to another.
From there on, the staff will help you realize in which areas your potential is at its best, thus helping you better understand your personality in class or at work, and to make better decisions based on that.
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