USEK Continuing Learning Center (UCLC)


The USEK Continuing Learning Center (UCLC) is committed to making learning accessible to a broad audience by designing a wide range of multi-leveled course offerings for adult learners with a busy schedule and other responsibilities. In line with the University’s dedication to providing high quality learning, we aim to meet community needs for non-degree career training, workforce training, and personal enrichment, and extend to you an invitation to join in the programs and courses we offer for lifelong learning.

We offer you
  • A quality learning experience
  • Innovative and exciting teaching methods: interactive courses, practical trials, close supervision
  • Course schedules out of working hours, during school hours, and on weekends
  • An assortment of programs and services

We are keen to hear your suggestions, so if you have any feedback to share or want to make a course request, let us know! You can contact us on 09/600 819 or by e-mail to:
Mission and Vision
The mission of the USEK Continuing Learning Center (UCLC) is to provide continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities for the local community and the region.

Our vision is to become a leading educational center offering quality learning and training in a variety of fields to the diverse population of Lebanon.


To register in one or more courses, kindly fill in the online registration form and select the chosen course(s). You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your ID card (or passport for foreign students). A confirmation email and a payment link will be sent to you shortly.

You can also register for any of our courses by visiting the USEK Admissions Office (opening hours on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.). Kindly bring a copy of your ID card (or passport for foreign students) and two passport-size photos.

Please feel free to contact us on 09/600 821 if you have any questions.

General Regulations

Student ID card:
All UCLC Students will be issued with a USEK ID card which must be shown when entering the campus and accessing the parking lot.
In case of loss or damage of the card, a duplicate can be made by the Registrar’s Office for a fixed cost.

Registration fees:
UCLC applicants need to settle all the tuition fees at the Student Accounting Desk at the Registrar’s Office at the time of admission and after submitting the required documents.

Course Cancellation

UCLC reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment or to other unavoidable circumstances. All registered candidates will be notified, and a total reimbursement will be performed.
Deregistered candidates can collect the refunded amount in the set date communicated by the Financial Department.

Withdraw Policy

If for some reason you have to drop the course/s or program before it begins, you will need to inform the Registrar’s Office and UCLC by sending an email to the official email addresses and A refund will be issued; however, a penalty fee will apply.

If for some reason you have to drop the course/program after it begins, you should inform the Registrar’s Office and UCLC by also sending an email. However, no reimbursement will be effected.


Upon completion of the program or course/s requirements, your certificate will be issued by the Registrar Office.
We aim to:
  • Respond to the local and regional market needs by offering continuing education opportunities.
  • Provide learning opportunities to various local community groups (professionals, inspiring entrepreneurs, students etc.)
  • Offer a selection of quality educational programs and professional development opportunities at different levels.
  • Provide educational experiences to young people from different cultural backgrounds through the Summer School program.
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