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Certified Professional Development Courses

English Conversation

This course will teach you to hold a conversation in which you can voice your opinions, and clearly express yourself on various subjects through well-constructed arguments and examples taken from daily lives.

Fees: $250

Instructor Name : Joumana Farah or Nicole Richa
French Conversation

This course will teach you to hold a conversation in which you can voice your opinions, and clearly express yourself on various subjects through well-constructed arguments and examples taken from daily lives.

Fees: $250

Instructor Name : Petra Atallah or Berthe Maalouli
Syriac Language

This course will serve as an introduction to the Syriac language: its history, evolution and usage. You will learn the letters and how to create simple sentences and paragraphs in Syriac.

Fees: $150

Instructor Name : Youssef Dergham


This course introduces students to the different techniques used to create mosaic from a historical perspective. Students will learn mostly through practical applications, such as non-figurative geometrical composition, coloring, cutting, and laying of tesserae.

Fees: $370

Instructor Name : Youssef Dergham

This course teaches the basics of paper and canvas painting, and the way to choose the topic in correlation with the composition. Collage, gouache, aquarelle, pastel, acrylic and oil are the techniques experimented in this course.

Fees: $300

Instructor Name : Maya Tohme
Arabic Calligraphy

This is a beginner’s course in the art of calligraphy. It traces the history of Arabic letters and will introduce you to the use of pens and inks, the Arabic letter proportions, strokes, ornaments, and families of the Arabic calligraphic alphabets: Kufic, Roqaa, Naskh, Thuluth, and Diwani.

Fees : $250

Instructor Name : Laudy Abou Faycal
Adobe Illustrator

Learning Adobe Illustrator is a must for graphic designers, illustrators and marketing professionals.The course also offers an introduction to Adobe Photoshop that allows the user to create vector graphics such as logos, letterheads, business cards, banners, posters, illustrations, brochures, book covers, etc.

Fees: $250

Instructor Name : Samar Tabet

Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

This applied course will provide you with insight into the entrepreneurial concepts and resources needed to create your own business. The course acts as a bridge between theory and the real-life application of business principles. It starts by defining startups and SMEs and will introduce you to the ecosystem that supports and funds entrepreneurship.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Ralph Khairallah
Digital Marketing

This digital marketing training program covers an overview of digital marketing, social media strategy and advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), SEO essentials, Google AdWords, email marketing, digital tips and tools, blogging, and an introduction to inbound marketing and Google Analytics.

Fees: $250

Instructor Name : Suzanne El Khoury
Advanced Communication Skills for Business Professionals

Forget about dictionaries and grammar books. You don’t have the time for that! You want short cuts to quick, fluent and natural-sounding English. In this course we will be looking at 'target language'; key expressions, and nonverbal communication needed for common professional and business situations. This will include networking, social interaction, negotiations, conflict resolution, meetings, presentations, and body language. This is an interactive workshop-style course including fun exercises and tasks for those who already have an intermediate level of the English language.

Fees: $150

Instructor Name : Tracey Mansell
Make me a Leader

This training will help you explore the theory and the practical methods on how to be a great leader. Moreover, you will learn how to approach and communicate with others and discover the stages a team passes through while working together. Leadership is a continuous process that should be developed every now and then, and this course will brush up your skills.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Naji Shelala
Sports Marketing

This course will focus on the business side of sports while highlighting vital marketing concepts through the lens of sports and entertainment. Learners will explore a wide range of marketing topics applicable to several fields and brands, including service and product marketing, promotion, event marketing, and sponsorship. A great deal of focus will be given to sports communication that will also delve into aspects of celebrity, social media, and crisis communication in sports.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Lindos Daou

Wine Tasting

This introductory wine course will give you a taste of the world of wine. You will discover the essentials of wine evaluation and tasting techniques through tasting a range of wines and learning how to talk wine. This course will guide you through how to choose better wine and start you on your journey of wine discovery.

Fees: $300

Instructor Name : Youssef El Rayess
Introduction to Winemaking lifestyle

This course aims to give an introduction on technical aspects of red, white and rosé wine production with an emphasis on fermentation management and pre-fermentation processes, options and strategies. Explore how the many winemaking decisions affect the resulting wine’s style.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Youssef El Rayess
Life Skills

Life skills improve our personal development and increase our awareness and identity, as they help develop talents and enhance our life quality and self-confidence. Personal development enables us to achieve our full potential and enjoy a happier life and state of mind. These methods, tools and techniques will allow for initiating inner change and becoming more successful. Are you ready to invest in yourself? Do you want to take action to improve your life? Let’s do it together by building a happy, fulfilled and confident You!

Fees: $250

Instructor Name : Paula Hayek

The course covers the most important aspects of the art and craft of screenwriting. Topics covered include, among others, idea generation techniques, the drafting process, classical screenplay structure, conflict, characterization, and dialogue .

Fees: $170

Instructor Name : Fayad Saab
Sustainable Living

This course will give you an introduction to sustainable living and the environment. Topics covered will include: the impact of waste on the environment, sustainable shopping, recycling and sorting at home, water and energy conservation among others.

Fees : $200

Instructor Name : Samar Azzi-Achkouty
Science in the Kitchen

Since kitchens make a great laboratory, this course aims to present scientific facts that occur inside the kitchen and to discover how scientific knowledge can improve cooking and lead to a healthier behavior. In this course activities will be explored to enhance the understanding of the science behind food and cooking. It will show you how science can help to create kitchens that are eco-friendly, healthier, and sleeker.

Fees : $250

Instructor Name : Nathalie Estephan
Yoga, the Journey Inward

In this course you will discover the ancient method for peace and well-being. The class will include Kriyas, Asanas (dynamic and static), breath awareness, as well as some philosophical aspects of Yoga. You will feel energized and empowered by this ancient practice.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Brigitte Hage-Chahine
Brain Boosting / Rester Jeune du Cerveau avec la Méthode ENCÉFAL

This course offers a unique opportunity to stimulate your cognitive functions, to improve your concentration and your memory. With the scientific and innovative method ENCEFAL, this course will provide expert knowledge so you can benefit from a healthier mind.

Fees: $350

Instructor Name : Marise Kassab Aoun

100 Years of History

The contemporary history of Lebanon is marked by the country’s fierce struggle to maintain its territorial integrity and independence. As the first political entity established in the Middle East with its institutional roots going back to the Middle Ages, Lebanon forged its own personality under the Mutasarrifiyya regime. This was confirmed with the establishment of the Republic of Lebanon (1926) and the Independence (1943). This course highlights several key topics in order to provide a thorough understanding of the historical factors that are currently shaping and influencing events and outlooks in Lebanon and the region.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Elie Elias
The Constitution and the Political System in Lebanon

This course includes the history of the Lebanese institutions, and the main sources of the Lebanese Constitution. It includes a detailed study of the public powers as well of the State, their functions and their relationships between each other.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Maria Kamouh
Man and Love

This course is a first approach to the philosophy of love to students; in other words, love as it was perceived by great philosophers (Plato, St. Augustine, Kierkegaard, Levinas, Jean-Luc Marion, and others). Based on their different approaches, the question of love will not be treated from a psychological or sentimental point of view, but as a tension towards the Absolute, an act that encompasses otherness, a desire for union, a path to knowledge.

Fees: $200

Instructor Name : Pascale Tabet
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