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New General Education course - History and Message of the Lebanese Philosophy

Course description
This course has two parts: the first deals with the historical evolution of Lebanese philosophy and its accretion across the ages, and the second concentrates on analyzing selected texts by Lebanese philosophers, and deals with some critical philosophical questions which have preoccupied Lebanese philosophy as crucial dilemmas throughout its history.

The first part is entitled "The History of Lebanese Philosophy" is ten weeks in duration. The development of the historical timeline of Lebanese philosophy is covered by examining "Mujaz Al Falsafa Loubnania" (Précis of Lebanese Philosophy, 1974) by Kamal El-Hage and studying the work of more contemporary Lebanese philosophers, such as René Habachi, Charles Malek, Etienne Sacre, Farid Jabre, Mehdi 'Amel, Moussa Wehbé, and others.

The second part entitled "Message of the Lebanese Philosophy” is five weeks in duration and involves philosophical workshops designed in collaboration with the students according to innovative and creative teaching methods. In this part, short texts by Lebanese philosophers, living and deceased, will be discussed. The texts deal with existential philosophical questions, such as "God", "Truth and Freedom", "Faith and Reason", "The Ontology of Lebanon”, “Lebanon as Message”, “Citizenship and National Lebanese Dimension”, “The Covenantal Chrislamic Lebanon”, and “The Rights of Individuals and Communities”.

  • Identify the fundamental concepts of Lebanese philosophy.
  • Crystallize the Lebanese ‘self’, initiator of philosophy since the dawn of times, in the minds of the younger generation.
  • Understand the foundations of the Lebanese entity at the national, human, and legal levels.
  • Consolidate the Islamic-Christian openness in Lebanon and its environment on constructive philosophical bases.
  • Stimulate the emergence of a philosophical thought and theories capable of promoting the Lebanese philosophical heritage and confronting the challenges of modern times.
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