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November 7, 2019
Official Statement Addressed to the USEK Students

Dear Students,

Aware of your concerns to voice your thoughts freely in these challenging times, USEK is keen to encourage your freedom of expression, being confident that you would make use of it with utmost civility and responsibility, contributing hence to making our beloved country a better place.

In line with USEK’s strategic objectives, the university has always been an open space for everyone, taking pride in its students who respect others freedom of expression.

We are also sensitive to your academic concerns and share your worries about the challenges that we are facing together in the current Semester. It is our duty to help you to achieve it in the best possible way, and in order to avoid putting at risk the whole academic year, we are all, staff and faculty, fully dedicated to provide you with all the assistance needed in this respect.

In this direction, midterms and tests were postponed from the initially set dates. We are also in process of implementing additional steps such as:

a. Revising the academic calendar and payment deadlines;
b. Making course material available online, when possible;
c. Assisting faculty in delivering courses remotely and/or scheduling make-up sessions when needed.

Dear students, rest assured of our ultimate support and readiness to receive your comments.

God bless you all and bless our Country.
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
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Fax : (+961) 9 600 100
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