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USEK Carpooling Program

The Green Committee invites you to join the USEK Carpooling Program, designed to promote environmental stewardship while saving you money, and there will also be the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

By becoming a Green Commuter Member, you commit yourself to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and air pollution through carpooling to USEK at least two times a week.

A carpool is when three or more USEK’s students commute together in the same vehicle from a similar location. Carpooling saves time on your commute, saves you money and guarantees you a parking spot in the students parking area – a win-win situation!

If you are interested in joining a carpool, but do not know of anyone making your commute, please contact the Green Committee Coordinator on 09 600 920, or join us at the stand on February 15, 2018, facing Zouki.
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