Member in International Associations and Organizations

The CSO is now active member in three international associations with expertise in career guidance and development.

NCDA: National Career Development Association

The National Vocational Guidance Association (NVGA) was founded in 1913. In 1985 NVGA was renamed and became the National Career Development Association (NCDA). Thus NCDA is the first, longest running and preeminent career development association in the world. NCDA is the recognized leader in developing standards for the career development profession, for the provision of career counseling programs and services, and for the evaluation of career information material .

CCCD: Canadian Council for Career Development

CCCD is a self-initiated and self-funded umbrella organization for career development groups across Canada. It provides a national advocacy voice for the career development field and promotes provincial/territorial collaboration on common issues such as certification, training, practitioner mobility, quality service and building the career development evidence base.
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