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Student Service Offices

  • Matrix Accreditation for the Student Support Services

    In 2015, USEK became the first university in Lebanon and the region to gain accreditation for its student support services, which aims to ensure its commitment to offer high quality services to its...
  • Career Services Office

    The Career Services Office (CSO) at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) helps current students and recent USEK graduates in their educational and career choices in planning and promoting...
  • Registrar Office

    The Office of the Registrar at USEK is privileged to serve students from the moment they apply to USEK to the time of their graduation.
  • Social Service Office

    Faithful to the mission of the Lebanese Maronite Order, the USEK is committed to help every student facing personal...
  • University Chaplain Office

    Mission The Office of the University Chaplain was established by the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, itself founded by the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM) in 1938, with the purpose of broadening the...
  • Student Affairs Office

    The Student Affairs Office at USEK strives to provide help and advice to all students on various levels during their academic journey.
  • USEK Counseling Center (UCC)

    The transition to university is a privileged moment in a student’s personal evolution, as it often coincides with changes in lifestyle, relationships, habits, etc. Therefore, this period entails...
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