Ph.D. Thesis Directors

School of Music and Performing Arts
  • Fr. Youssef Tannous
    Lebanese Music and Musicians | Arab Music and Musicians | Sacred Chants | Ethnomusicological Research: chants, instruments, etc. | Arabo-occidental Musical Inter-influence
  • Fr. Badih Hage (El)
    Ethnomusicology | Popular Traditional Music of the Arab Middle East | Bedouin Music | Syriac Music | Arab Music.
  • Fr. Milad Tarabay
    Musicology | Ethnomusicology | Sacred music | Singing, choral and human voice.
  • Mr. Edward Yerwant Torokian
    Sacred Music | Western Music Analysis and Theory Courses | Composition and arrangement
  • Mr. Kifah Fakhoury
    Music administration | Music education and pedagogy (curriculum planning and development, elementary, middle and secondary school, college/university, bands, orchestras, ensembles) | Copyright Music in the Arab region | Youth and music | Media and music | Music criticism
USEK Business School
  • Mr. Elie Assaf
    Economy and Finance
  • Mr. Nehme Azoury
    Marketing and Management
  • Fr. Georges Azzi
    Management and Finance
  • Mr. Badih Baz
    Management | Business Information
  • Mrs. Bettina Lynda Bastian
    Technology and Innovation Management
    Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Mr. Charbel Salloum
    Corporate Governance| Family Business| Financial Distress| Corporate Performance Management
  • Mrs. Hajer Jarrar Cheikh Ali
    Computer Systems : SI evaluation | strategic alignment| CRM| ERP| etc.
    Business Finance : Information asymmetry between companies and banks| corporate governance| etc.
  • Mrs. Daniele Khalife Fraiha
    Private equity in general and venture capital in particular | Corporate governance Value creation | Organizational theory
  • Mr. Mario Sassine
    Family business and dynastic phenomenon | Corporate governance | Human resources management and social audit
  • Mr. Antoine Habchi
    Modern History | Middle-East History | Current affairs and Political Regimes | Leadership
  • Mr. Elie Bouri
    Finance | Financial economics
School of Law and Political Science
  • Fr. Talal Hachem
    Canon Law
  • Mrs. Ghada Karam
    Civil Law | Contract Law | Private International Law | International Arbitration | Internatio0nal Trade Law | Business law
  • Mr. Haitham Sakr
    Administrative Law | Human Rights Law | Public Service
Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities
  • Fr. Georges Hobeika
    Greek Philosophy
  • Mrs. Hoda Matar Nehme
    Modern and Contemporary Arab Thought | Interculturalism
  • Mrs. Mirna Mzawak
    Sociology of the family | Sociology of religions | Sociology of the youth | Sociology of social work
  • Fr. Jean (Roland) Akiki
    Philosophy of Religion
  • Mrs. Marie Fayad
    Political Philosophy | Nietzschean Thought
  • Fr. Jean Reaidy
    Phenomenology and Contemporary Philosophy
  • Mrs. Randa Abi Aad
    Philosophical Anthropology | Civilizations issues and cultural mutations | Philosophy and mysticism | Edith Stein
  • Mrs. Nadine Zalaket
    The psychological health of the teenager | The impact of the family on the development of the teenager | Care, counselling and listening services
Faculty of Letters
  • Mrs. Nicole Saliba Chalhoub
    Poetic Genres | Contemporary and Present French Fiction | Psychoanalysis applied to Literature | Hermeneutics applied to Literature
  • Mrs. Mireille Issa
    Medievalism | Medieval-Latinism | Literature (Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance), Languages (Latin and ancient French), History and Anthropology (Middle Ages)
  • Mr. Talal Wehbe
    Critical stylistics of literary corpus | Pragmatics and speech analysis of non-literary corpus | Terminology and lexical semantic analysis
  • Mrs. Christelle Stephan Hayek
    Stylstics | Rhethoric | Theater (16th and 17th centuries – Jean Racine) | Language Teaching | FLE (French as Foreign Language)
  • Mrs. Ranya Salameh
    Translatology and Language Sciences | Translation teaching and Translators Training | Cultural References: Identity and Alterity | Language policies, Certifications & Quality Approach
  • Mrs. Samar El Hage
    Theater and performing arts | Linguistics and sociolinguistics (especially pragmatics and enunciation) | Rhetoric and communication | Literature
  • Mrs. Rima Mattar Mazraani
    Cultural interferences in the translation process
Faculty of Sciences
  • Mr. Charbel Fares
    Image Processing | Virtual Reality | Robotics | Machine Architecture and Software Engineering
  • Mrs. Nathalie Estephan
    Analytical Chemistry : Quality Control, Spectroscopy, Chemometrics and Data Processing
  • Mr. Walid harb
    Molecular Simulation and Modeling | Computer chemistry and biochemistry | Molecular and supramolecular chemistry | Green chemistry | Sustainable chemistry
  • Mrs. Faten El Hage Yahchouchi
    Basic and applied immunology | Molecular Biology | Genetic Engineering
  • Mr. Joseph Saab
    Physico-chemical Properties of Oil Organic Molecules | Aquaeous Solubility of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Static and Dynamic Modes | Vapor Pressure | Equilibria between Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Gas Phases | Potential of Bioaccumulation of Organic Xenobiotics | Thermodynamics of Air-Water Partition | Water and Air Organic Pollution
  • Mr. Mohamad Kacim
    Stochastic Process | Time Series | Risk Theory | Survival Models | Probability & Statistics | Spectral Theory | Computational Topology
  • Mrs. Rola Zaydan
    Analysis in Chemical Environment | Approaches to Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical and Environment Sectors | The preparation of specific enzyme electrodes & microelectrode, etc.
  • Mr. Naim Ouaïni
    Chemistry : Food sciences, analytical, didactics, environmental, industrial, physical | Biochemistry : food sciences, analytical, environmental, microbiological
  • Mr. Walid Hleihel
    Human Physiology and Physiopathology
  • Mrs. Tilda Karkour Akiki
    Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic Panels and Fuel Cells | Sustainable Development: Natural Systems Capacities and Natural Resources
  • Mr. Elie Al Ahmar
    Renewable Energies | Wind Energy | Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Wind Energy Systems | Signal Processing
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Fr. Joseph Wakim
    Administration and Management
  • Mr. Nabil Nemer
    Chemical Ecology of Insects (Extracting pheromones from insects – Insect-Plant Interactions) | Phytopharmacy or Plants Protection and Pesticides residues | Biological and Integrated Pest Control | Forest Ecology (Invertebrates Population Dynamics)
  • Mrs. Lara Hanna Wakim
    Food Process Engineering | Food Safety | Quality Insurance in the Food Industry
  • Mrs. Sophie Julien Sukarieh (El)
    Metabolic diseases associated with cancer | Human nutrition | Epidemiological studies | Fundamental biology | Human physiology | Public Health
  • Mr. Afif Abdel Nour
    Nutrigenetics | Molecular Biology | Microbiota analysis | Omics Techniques
  • Mr. Alain Abi Rizk
    Animal physiopathology (microorganisms, infection, interaction) | Genetic of populations | Cellular Biology, Animal Virology, Animal Oncology
School of Engineering
  • Mr. Joseph Zalaket
    Planning in Artificial Intelligence
  • Mr. Barbar Zeghondy
    Thermal Radiation in semi-transparent heterogeneous environments and porous environments | Stochastic Modeling Monte Carlo technique | Filamentary discharge of cold plasmas | Heat transfer in buildings | Modeling of thermal efficiency of solar collectors | Audit of energy performance of buildings
  • Mr. Charles Yaacoub
    Joint Source-Channel Coding; Distributed Video Coding | High Dynamic Range Images; Analysis/Synthesis of 2D/3D Textures | Image Processing; Telecommunication Systems
  • Mrs. Sandy Rihana
    Medical Engineering | Medical Data Processing (Medical Signals and Medical Images) | Development of Intelligent Support Systems for Medical Diagnosis | Development of Smart Phones and Medical Devices | Medical Information Systems | Brain Computer Interface (Acquisitions, Design, Processing & Control) | Nuclear Medicine & Image Processing
  • Mr. Joseph El Assad
    Energy Efficiency | Renewable Energies | Energy Policy | Mechatronics | Optoelectronic Sensors
  • Mr. Jad Jelwan
    Mechanical properties, fracture mechanics, fatigue of materials | Creep Fatigue Interaction, Creep Crack Growth | Lifetime predictions, Failure analysis | Crash worthiness of composite vehicles | Ultimate strength analysis, Stress Analysis for Pressure vessels and piping | Computational Fluid Solid Interaction
Pontifical Faculty of Theology
  • Fr. Jean Azzam
    Biblical Sciences
  • Fr. Ayoub Chahwan
    Biblical Theology
  • Fr. Gaby Hachem
  • Fr. Wahib Khawaji
    Moral Theology
  • Fr. Hady Mahfouz
    Biblical Sciences
  • Fr. Antoine Jabbour Mikhael
    Théologie (Sacra Theologia)
  • Fr. Marwan Azar
  • Fr. Antoine Ahmar (Al)
    Catholic Theology
  • Fr. Charbel Chlela
    Ethic Fundamental Theology | Bioethics | Familial and sexual ethics | Health pastoral care: assistance to ill people and terminally-ill patients
  • Fr. Michel Abou Tacca
    Canon Law
Faculty of Religious and Oriental Studies
  • Fr. Augustin Mouhanna
  • Fr. Ziad Sacre
    Liturgy | Theology | History
Institute of History
  • Fr. Karam Rizk
    History of Medieval and Contemporary Lebanon
  • Fr. Joseph Moukarzel
    History of Medieval Lebanon
  • Fr. Jean-Maroun Maghames
    Philosophy and Contemporary History
  • Fr. Elias Hanna
    History of Religions and Religious Anthropology
Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Mr. Antoine Fichfich
  • Fr. Abdo Badawi
    Painting and Sculpture, History of Art, Sacred Art, Maronite and Syriac Art, Christian Iconography, Liturgical Art, Christian Archeology and Architecture, Semitic Languages (Syriac)
  • Mr. Paul Abi Khattar Zgheib
    Photographic Image | Sacred Art | History (micro history)
  • Mr. Joseph Nasr
    Architecture – Philosophy | The Theory, Aesthetics and Poetic in Architecture | The space and its relation with regard to ruins, loss and memory | The Phenomenology of Space | Living in Architecture
  • Mr. Victor Takchi
    Conception Assistée par Ordinateur | Gestion des bases de données graphiques pour l’architecture | L’espace virtuel et les technologies de communication en architecture | Design urbain (essentiellement les villes méditerranéennes et du Golfe)
  • Mrs. May Farhat
    History of Art; Islamic Architecture in general; Safavid and Ottoman Architecture (Iran, Ottoman Empire), in particular.
Higher Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences
  • Mr. Nassif Hitti
    Foreign Policy Based on Comparative Approaches, Middle East, Regional and International Organizations
  • Mr. Francisco Barroso Cortes
    International Relations and Politics, Security and Defense Studies, Military Studies, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy Analysis, Geopolitics of the Middle East, US and EU foreign and security policy in the Middle East, Sub-state security threats across the Middle East, Syrian War, Hezbollah, Insurgency, Terrorism and other forms of political violence across the Levant
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