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Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

Name USEK Email Position
 Rev. Fr.  Abdallah Badaoui  abdallahbadawi@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Rev. Fr.  Abdo Badwi  abdobadwi@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. May Farhat  mayfarhat@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Prof. Antoine Fichfich  antoinefichfich@usek.edu.lb  Professor
 Mr. Antoine Younan  antoineyounan@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Béchara Mouannes  becharamouanes@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Charles Bteiche  charlesbtaich@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Eliane Noujaim Moughabghab  elianemoughabghab@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Elias Tohme  eliastohme@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Jean-Claude Bassil  jeanclaudebassil@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Joseph Chemaly  josefchemaly@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. Joseph Nasr  josephnasr@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Joseph Zaarour  josephzaarour@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Maroun Kosseifi  marounkosseifi@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Odile El Khoury  odilekhoury@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Paul Abi Khattar Zgheib  paulzgheib@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Mr. Robert Karam  robertkaram@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Zafer Sleiman  zafersleiman@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Victor Takchi  victortakchi@usek.edu.lb  Associate Professor
 Dr. May Haider  mayhaider@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mr. Richard Khalil  richartkhalil@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Dr. Fr. Youssef Matta  youssefmatta@usek.edu.lb  Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Mirella Fahed  mirellafahed@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Nagi Ghostine  nagighostine@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Louis Hachem  louishachem@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
 Mr. Assaad Awad  assaadawad@usek.edu.lb  Lecturer
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