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A unique Discipline Council for all the students is set up within USEK. It is composed of five tenured members and a substitute member, appointed by the University Council for a renewable year. The President of the Discipline Council is nominated by the President of the University.


The Dean/Director of the Faculty/Institute is in charge of the disciplinary authority. The student, who is liable to disciplinary measures, is referred to the Discipline Council by the Dean/Director of his/her Faculty/Institute or by the Secretary General of the University, upon a preliminary report established by the Secretary General or the Secretary of the Faculty/Institute. This report specifies the facts of any crimes and the circumstances in which they were committed.

The student, against whom a disciplinary procedure is taken, is entitled to receive his/her whole disciplinary file and all the appendices, as well as the assistance of a defender whom he/she chooses.

The President of the Discipline Council nominates, in the twenty four hours which follow the reception of the disciplinary file, a reporter among the members of the Discipline Council to proceed according to instructions. If available, he hears the interested party as well as the plaintiff and the witnesses under oath. He then composes a report to be submitted to the Discipline Council.

The President of the said Council subsequently calls the interested party to peruse the disciplinary file and report. He summons him/her to appear before the Discipline Council during the hearing which it sets up.
Appearances before the Discipline Council, means that debates take place behind closed doors. After reading the report, the interested party is called to provide means of defense related to the facts that are reproached for him/her. If he/she does not appear, the Discipline Council exclusively rules on file.

The ruling is passed on the same day of the debate closure or, at the latest, the following day and is recorded in the student file. It must be motivated and binding by operation of law as soon as the student is notified by his/her Dean/Director.

The President of the University can decide, upon a notice of the Discipline Council, to render public, the ruling exposing penalty and its motives.

Penalties to Be Pronounced

Disciplinary penalties that can be pronounced against the student are the following:
  • Warning.
  • Criticism.
  • Provisional suspension.
  • Revocation
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