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On Campus Code of Ethics


This Code of Conduct on Campus of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik is the complement of institutional and academic rules defined by the statutes and regulations in force at USEK. It determines the main rules, which are to be observed by all on the campuses of the University, in order to generate and maintain a common life of respect, and to create an amenable atmosphere conductive to studying. It defines certain necessary limits and imposes a deontology.

USEK students on campus are required to comply with all instructions, established by this Code of Conduct.

Political Activities

Political student elections are definitely forbidden at USEK. In order to get permission for the below, within the different campuses of the University, prior written consent of the Secretary General, in response to an explicit prior written request, is needed:
  • Public political debates
  • Political meetings
  • Billposting of political posters or posters related to a political party
  • Distribution of political leaflets or leaflets related to a political party

Use of the University Name, its Acronym and its Logo

The University name, used in any language, as well as its acronym "USEK" and its logo are the intellectual property of the University and are registered trademarks, protected by law. Any complete or partial use of the University name, its acronym or its logo, requires a prior written authorization from the Secretariat General of the University, under penalty of sanction.

Billpostings and Leaflet Distribution

Distributing or billposting leaflets, notices and press releases by the members of the University community, within the various USEK campuses, is subject to the prior consent of the Student Affairs Office (or the administration for the University Regional Centers) and must not disturb the flow of teaching, research and administration activities.

Any distributed or displayed document must include the signature of its author and the seal of the Student Affairs Office (or the administration for the Regional University Centers), which represents its approval of the distribution or billposting. The author of any distributed or posted document, within USEK, remains the only person in charge of its content and/or ideas.

Document distribution or billposting by any foreign person must be subject to a prior authorization of the Secretary General (or the Director of the Regional University Center). Outside of the designated posting areas, any billposting, whatever its nature, is forbidden and can bring penalties against its author.

Security and Hygiene

Members of the University community and any duly authorized persons can access the USEK campus. The Security personnel at the campus access zones are entitled to request, for precautionary measures, that all vehicles as well as individual bags are searched. Students are required to show their student identification cards to the security personnel, in order to access the campus.

The collective premises and equipment of the University are placed at the disposal of the students, within the limits of availability and office hours. However, users cannot access them unless under the supervision of an administrative or educational official, who is clearly appointed in accordance with the regulations in force. Users are required to be familiar with the security regulations and rules, which are posted within the premises.

Documents and devices, placed at the disposal of the students, must not be taken out of the University premises (specific rules apply to the Library, in this regard).

It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the premises, introduce substances harmful to health and public order, and consume alcohol within the University.

Found Objects

The members of the University community, motivated by a spirit of solidarity and responsibility, are required to hand in found objects to the Student Affairs Office (or to the administration for the Regional University Centers). Moreover, in case of a loss, the Student Affairs Office should receive the depositions of the concerned persons. USEK cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of an object belonging to a person within the campus.

In the case of a suspicious object, it is recommended that it should not be moved; University security agents should be informed as soon as possible.

Behavior and Dress

Any damage caused to the premises and equipment of the University, as well as to private property belonging to a third party, thefts or theft attempts and verbal or physical violence within USEK, constitute behavior, which according to its severity, can result in an appearance of the author(s) before the University Council of Discipline.

The use of mobile phones is forbidden during courses, practical work, exams and laboratory sessions, etc.

A suitable and decent dress is required within the University. Political signs worn ostentatiously or intended to trigger protests, is not allowed, be it of clothing or any other type.
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