Mission and Activities
Need to move, relax, avoid the illnesses of a sedentary lifestyle, and develop your team spirit? Sign up quickly to the Sports Department, where a cadre of top class trainers awaits you and numerous activities are suggested in the form of courses or competitions.

As a privileged space of conviviality and solidarity, the Sports Department puts forward, among other things, the social and collective nature of any physical activity. The group sports proposed in this Office foster, in particular, the development of a team spirit. The belonging to a group and the convivial atmosphere that prevails within that unit, allows the creation of lasting friendship and solidarity bonds.
Sports Facilities
The project of building a sports complex in the Main Campus of USEK is currently under study. The Sports Department has, for the time being, a tennis and mini football field, as well as a dance hall, a chess and table tennis rooms.

Moreover, a swimming pool and a basket and volley-ball field are at the disposal of USEK’s students, in the Central Club of Jounieh.
A Credit within the General Requirements Program
Through establishing a general requirements program integrated into the University undergraduate degree curriculum, new disciplines are suggested to students outside their own area of specialization, in order to provide a basic general culture, common to USEK. Therefore, within this general requirements program, a credit is dedicated to one of the ten activities proposed by the Sports Department; students will have the choice between: basket-ball, football, volley-ball, tennis, table tennis, dance, chess, swimming, badminton and judo. The assessment of this course takes into consideration the student’s participation within the chosen activity, the achieved progress, as well as his knowledge and understanding of the game’s rules and strategies.
University Teams
Mentored by first class trainers, students can, if they wish, join a University team in order to represent USEK in local and international tournaments.

Several university teams, coached by specialized trainers, were formed to represent USEK in national and international university competitions. These teams operate in the following fields: basket-ball, volley-ball, football, futsal, table tennis, ski, tennis, chess, fencing, combat sports and athletics. USEK’s Sports Department is also involved in international sports events and training sessions, which are held to maximize the players performances.

Today, USEK is classified among the best universities in Lebanon; hence, its students are regularly selected to be part of national university teams.
Students representing USEK, within any university team, benefit from a reduction of fees throughout the whole academic year.
Head of the Sports Department: Mr. Patrick Saddik


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