Early-registration procedure

Online early registration is subject to the following conditions:
  • Courses registered during the ongoing Fall semester are considered to be passed (in other words, registration of courses with prerequisites can be done).
  • The “overrides” are feasible.
  • All restrictions will be applied.

1. During the registration period for the Spring Semester, and after the settlement of the first payment, the code “PR” referring to the early registration carried out by the student should be confirmed online by the latter, by the reference “Complete Registration”.

2. If the prerequisite courses considered to be passed during the early registration are failed, confirmation for the related courses cannot be made possible.

3. At the end of the Fall Semester, undergraduate students who are on probation can validate their registration for only 13 early registered credits, while graduate students can validate their registration for only 6 early-registered credits.

4. Non-confirmed early registration will be automatically cancelled.

5. Students who fail to confirm or drop their courses during the registration period will be subject to a penalty fee. If students wish to cancel their respective early-registration, they must send an email to the Registrar at to initiate their request.

N.B : Codes definition on Banner system
PR : early-registration
RR : « Complete Registration » - confirm early-registration
RW : « Complete Registration » - Add course (online registration period)
DW : Drop Web

For further information or inquiry, please contact the secretariat of your Schools/Faculty.
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