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Graduate Studies

Registration Fees

Registration fees are, for all sections and Regional University Centers, 150 USD per semester and are not refundable.

Membership Fees to the NSSF

The membership fees to the National Social Security Fund are annual and equal to 135 USD.

For students already affiliated to the NSSF or an equivalent fund, they will be required to submit an exemption form at the NSSF Delegate Office in order to remove the 150 USD paid in advance during the registration from the account; this form, which can be downloaded from MyUSEK, the University’s intranet and from the USEK website should be completed and submitted before the scheduled deadline (See Academic Calendar).

Tuition Fees

The cost of a credit varies according to the level of studies and the chosen specialization. The complete table of fees is available on the USEK website. The cost of a credit is subject to change; the administration reserves the right to review and modify fees for the coming years. All likely modifications of a credit cost are reported in advance to students through bulletin boards, the University’s website and MyUsek. It is the responsibility of each student to keep well-informed with University news and announcements by regularly consulting these means of communication.

Credit Fees - Graduate Studies

Registration fees
150 USD per semester
(not applicable for the summer session; University services excluded)
NSSF membership fees
135 USD per academic year
(these fees installed in advance upon registration will be credited to the accounts of students who are already affiliated to the NSSF or any equivalent fund and who have submitted the required documents for this purpose.)

Academic Unit / Program Cost per 1 credit in USD
Theology 300
Philosophy 300
Letters 300
History 300
Law 300
Music 300
Political Sciences 300
Fine and Applied Arts : Sacred Art 300
Fine and Applied Arts : Other Majors (Graduate Studies) 375
Fine and Applied Arts : Architecture 375
Agricultural and Food Sciences 375
Sciences 435
Engineering 465
Business 465
Medicine 540

Throughout the Social Service Office (SSO), USEK provides help to students facing financial difficulties. And it continues to do so, according to its mission, through discounts or installment facilities. The relevant application should then be duly completed and submitted within the set deadlines. As such, students with financial problems may contact the SSO before the scheduled deadline (See Academic Calendar). Beyond this date, students can only contact the SSO in order to pay their tuition fees in installments.

The cost of a credit is not related to the Academic Unit to which the student is affiliated, but rather to the Academic Unit that gives the credit in question.
In case of financial problems, proceed to the USEK Social Service Office.

Payment Procedure

The student should install his tuition fees in three payments per semester and two payments for the Summer Session.

Failure to comply with a payment installment, as defined in the Academic Calendar, leads to a monthly financial penalty calculated according to the student’s due amount. It is the responsibility of each student to make sure that his tuition fees were paid within the deadlines established by the administration of the University.


No refunds are granted unless in case of deregistration, and this as defined by the academic regulations.
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