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Credit Fees - Postgraduate Studies

Registration fees
150 USD per semester
(not applicable for the summer session; University services excluded)
600 USD per semester for Medicine students
(not applicable for the summer session; University services excluded)
NSSF membership fees
135 USD per academic year
(these fees installed in advance upon registration will be credited to the accounts of students who are already affiliated to the NSSF or any equivalent fund and who have submitted the required documents for this purpose.)

Faculty of Arts & Sciences Cost per 1 credit in USD
Sacred Art, Conservation and Heritage 485
History and Archeology 485
Languages and Literatures 485
Religious & Oriental Sciences 485
Music and Performing Arts 485
Philosophy, Psychology & Social Sciences and Education 485

School of Business Cost per 1 credit in USD
Ph.D - Business Administration 500
DBA - Doctorate in Business Administration 500

School of Law and Political Sciences Cost per 1 credit in USD
Law 485

School of Medicine & Medical Sciences Cost per 1 credit in USD
Medicine (only one payment at the beginning of the term) 600

Pontifical School of Theology Cost per 1 credit in USD
Department of Theology 485

Doctoral College Cost per 1 credit in USD
Level III 485

Tuition fees may be settled in US Dollars or in Lebanese Pounds as per BDL exchange rates.
يبقى تسديد الكلفة ممكناً بالدولار الأميركي أو بالليرة اللبنانية وذلك حسب سعر صرف الليرة اللبنانية المحدّد من قبل مصرف لبنان

The cost of a credit is not related to the School/Faculty to which the student is affiliated, but rather to the School/Faculty that gives the credit in question.
In case of financial problems, proceed to the USEK Social Service Office.

The fee of the credit can be readjusted; the administration reserves the right to review and modify fees annually (Student Guide, V. 3). All students will be notified of any eventual modification of the credits price, via the notice boards, the University’s website and MyUsek. Thus, every student must have access to the said means of communication and get informed of all the news and announcements of the University as part of his responsibility.
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