School of Music and Performing Arts

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Master of Arts in Performing Arts

36 credits


Common Core
3 credits
This course aims to enable students to present visual and performing arts criticism in correct scholarly form, to introduce them to different methods of carrying out research and to acquaint them with the methodology used in classifying bibliographies and reference works relevant to the subject area.
THT615Aesthetics of Theater
3 credits
Discussion of essential issues in esthetics of theater and drama based on philosophy of art and theories of the theater.
THT510Arab Theater
3 credits
Selected studies in the development of theatrical production and dramatic writing in Arab theater.
THT616Authors and Genres in Theater
3 credits
Investigation of the work of theater artists and the literature of the theater, as manifested in one or more of its major forms or genres.
THT662Directing as Theory and Practice
3 credits
Development of directional skills of analysis, planning, staging, and criticism through the medium of written preparations and directing of scenes under minimal production conditions.
THT512Greek Theater
3 credits
Selected studies in the development of theatrical production and dramatic writing in Greek theater.
THT619Literary Adaptation
3 credits
Playwriting of selected literary work from literature, and demonstration of competence in playwriting through the completion of a short play.
THT542Manuscript Analysis
3 credits
Critical and constructive study of dramatic techniques as employed by playwrights and screenwriters in selected examples of contemporary work.
THT506Modern Theatricalism
3 credits
Selected studies in symbolism and avant­garde theater. Exploration of dream experience and private psyche, religious experience, and revitalization of myth and ritual.
THT517Practicum in Dramaturgy
3 credits
Demonstration of competence in the practice of dramaturgy through completion of an approved dramaturgical assignment.
THT620Scenic Design Workshop
3 credits
Advanced study and practice in scenic design for theater. Imagination as impetus for design, text analysis, metaphor, and conceptualization. Investigation of the design research process, composition, and style leading to visual presentation of the design.
THT630Semiology of Theater
3 credits
Investigation of the study of semiotics, Saussure, Peirce, Barthes, Derrida, and Beneveniste and its relation to theater.
THT521Theory and Criticism
3 credits
Studies in theory and criticism of theater, dramatic literature, and performance, through the 16th to the 19th century.
AVS680ADirected Individual Studies I
6 credits
Students will use this course to complete an independent or team project. This project will help round out a student’s portfolio and will demonstrate an appropriate level of professional challenge. These projects may be a narrative film, documentary, animation, website, or mobile application, or they may be a thesis relevant to the field of specialization. Students will form a contract with the faculty concerning the content of their project. Completed projects will assist students in the professional or in the academic field.


Performing Arts, Master Degree, enable students to produce high quality artworks and performances, compatible with theories of academic criteria. The basic goal is to educate Masters candidates under the guidance of qualified instructors. Graduate students complete a program with a rigorous study of critical theory, textual history, elements of production (directing, acting, choreography, writing, and design) and embodied research that aim to produce enriched thesis / projects generating an expanded perspective and awareness.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates from the Master program will work successfully as professional members of the theatrical production process. They should be able to work in a broad range of positions involving tasks such as writing a scenario, directing, acting, and production.
2. Graduates will have the ability to produce their own personal pieces of theater.
3. Graduates will have the ability to function and communicate effectively in the field of theater as well as work as ethical and social individuals in society at large.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will acquire knowledge of critical and theoretical methodologies and their application to theater.
b. Demonstrate in critical essays and oral presentations an ability to analyze films via a variety of theoretical perspectives while using the critical vocabulary and methodologies of the discipline.
c. Develop a thorough understanding of the fundamental disciplines inherent in theater including acting, producing, directing, lighting, and sound.
d. Generate and develop ideas for theater that include writing from personal experience, and translating these ideas via acting, directing and technical excellence.
e. Function effectively on an individual as well as a group level in order to produce a communicative theatrical product.
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