About the HCR

Director’s Word

The mission of the Higher Center for Research (HCR) is to promote research within USEK. Its ambition is to bring it to excellence.

With the collaboration of the University’s faculties, the HCR strives to establish a dynamic of quality and innovation and to create networks of experienced researchers and interdisciplinary clusters in which the skills of highly experienced researchers and the efforts of novice researchers, i.e. the Masters or PhD students, are invested.

The priority research areas include health, agriculture, environmental and societal issues, renewable energy, resource and heritage management; the aim is to respond to the economic, cultural and identity challenges posed by the Lebanese situation and to open up to the decisive reality of the Middle Eastern context.

It is in this perspective that the HCR acts and develops its policy of partnerships with research institutions and national or international organizations, and collaborates with the State in major projects.

Beyond the undeniable scientific interest of research, the human interest is ever-present. Concern for human beings with regard to their well-being is, for the HCR, the foundation and the ultimate goal of its activities and its future vision.

Nehme Azoury
Deputy President for Research
Director of the Higher Center for Research
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