About the HCR


The Higher Center for Research (HCR) is a structure within the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), whose role is to define and promote the University research policy in all the Faculties and Institutes.

The HCR, in collaboration with USEK Faculties and Institutes, aims to promote research in various fields of knowledge. It focuses on both fundamental and applied research.

It aims to:
  • encourage lecturers to consider research as an integral part of their teaching;
  • develop research in the fields where it can solve or answer identified problems in our society.
The role of the HCR consists of involving lecturers in research, defining research strategies and providing the necessary means to achieve this. To this end, the HCR creates research opportunities, elaborates thematic axes, sets up a general policy for research, which advocates and supports interdisciplinary projects, and establishes partnerships with public and private research institutes.

The HCR manages a research fund put at its disposal by USEK.

The HCR organizes meetings for researchers, during which the latter discuss the themes, objectives, difficulties and challenges of their research. These meetings aim to favor exchanges among researchers.

The HCR also organizes colloquiums and seminars to discuss and deepen themes, which are always of utmost topicality and are part of its research strategy.
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