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What is the “Be-Buddy Program”?

Arriving to a new country and a new university can be really exciting but can also bring some difficulties. In order to welcome international students at USEK and help them have a good start, the International Affairs Office is offering the “Be-a-Buddy Program”. This program will provide international students with practical information about USEK, give them an overview about the student life, and help them settle in. Buddies are student volunteers who help international students during their first days, weeks or months at USEK. Each student participating in this program will be paired with an exchange student.

What should I do as a Buddy?
The main responsibilities of a Buddy include:
- Help the exchange student adapt easily to their new environment
- Introduce them to other Lebanese friends
- Help them with the administrative steps
- Show them around to help them become familiar with the university campus
- Help them find accommodation
- Prepare leisure activities such as going sightseeing in some cities…

Why is it important to find a Buddy as an incoming international student?
Having a Buddy will:
- Help you know more about USEK
- Answer any questions you have
- Address your concerns
- Help you find nearby banks, shops, etc.
- Introduce you to Lebanon
- Show you touristic places
- Accompany you on leisure activities
- Expose you to the Lebanese culture
- Refer you to an expert in certain cases
- Be your friend!

Why is it important to be a Buddy as an USEK student?

Benefits of the Buddy program for USEK students:
- Meet students from different cultures and backgrounds
- Improve your linguistic and communication skills
- Share experiences and learn new things
- Help other people who are facing challenges of adapting to a new environment
- Make new friendships
- Participate in international activities
- Earn 75 points for USEK Global Engagement Certificate

For how long can I be a Buddy?
You can be a Buddy for one semester and more!
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