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Data Analyst

Job Summary

The mission of the Data Analyst as a member of the OIRA team is to collect and analyze the data needed for institutional reporting and programs and services assessment. The Data Analyst is responsible for maintaining the data repository and generating reports to support decision-making.

Responsibilities and Tasks

1- Collecting and Analyzing Data for Institutional Reporting 40%
  • Collects data from various academic and administrative units at USEK
  • Analyses data and generates statistics and indicators to support decision-making
  • Prepares yearly dashboards to monitor indicators on the different aspects of the University
  • Supports accreditation projects by providing needed statistics and indicators

2- Administration of Institutional Surveys 40%
  • Creates and launches the surveys regularly administered by the OIRA, as well as new surveys according to the University’s needs
  • Follows up on and monitors survey progress and response rates
  • Prepares and disseminates reports based on survey results

3- Support Assessment and Planning Activities 20%
  • Manages and collects assessment data from various sources in support of program assessment
  • Administers program framework and assessment modules in TK20
  • Administers the Strategic Planning module in TK20

Educational Background and Experience

  • BS in Business Computing or Computer Science
  • Master’s degree is a plus
  • 3-4 years of experience

  • Director of the Admissions Office

    Job Summary

    The Director of the Admissions Office is responsible for strategic enrollment management; including team management and initiatives related to the planning and implementation of current strategies and goals. The Director must align recruitment and admissions activities with the University’s strategic plan, mission, vision, and goals. In addition, they must work independently and be able to proactively lead the Admissions Office to achieve enrollment growth in a challenging demographic and competitive landscape.

    Responsibilities and Tasks

    I. Recruitment and Enrollment Planning and Program Development 40%
    • Designs, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive, data-driven strategic recruitment plan
    • Plans and supervises recruitment and application processing operations, including but not limited to: lead generation, marketing/target analysis, prospect-enrollment pipeline development, application review and follow-up, high school/community college outreach, on and off-campus recruitment events, and open door events
    • Develops and manages a comprehensive recruitment plan and strategy that is designed to meet annual recruitment goals in collaboration with the Deputy President for Students; develops annual comprehensive recruitment strategies in cooperation with both administrative/academic units and USEK leadership to ensure optimal enrollment while maintaining and/or improving the University’s academic standing
    • Oversees the yearly assessment, revision, and implementation of admission policies through a holistic process that involves the administration and faculty
    • Attends school-related events and meetings and undertakes relevant communication to enhance the University’s relation with various schools

    II. Administration, Data Gathering, Analysis and Decision Support 30%
    • Works with external offices to provide and collect data for planning and assessment
    • Works collaboratively with the Communication and Marketing offices to design effective print, email, text, and social media platforms for student recruitment
    • Works collaboratively with the Alumni Office to implement effective recruitment strategies using alumni ambassadors
    • Researches and applies best practices and rapidly changing technology appropriately to further the University’s enrollment and recruitment goals
    • Provides statistical information involving various academic and administrative units within the University

    III. Recruitment and Admissions Team Leadership and Management 30%
    • Leads the Admissions Office, both in terms of strategic direction and complex daily operations using exceptional leadership and supervisory skills. This includes admissions and office policy development and implementation, professional development, and staff supervision to further develop and support a strong admissions staff that is recruitment-centric, optimistic, empowered, responsive, innovative, results-oriented, and student-centered
    • Makes data-informed enrollment projections by routinely running team meetings to shape strategic directions and makes appropriate adjustments to an integrated marketing plan that clearly identifies and defines historical University enrollment patterns and forecasts trends in new-student markets
    • Regularly reassesses the effectiveness of recruitment activities and makes appropriate adjustments to continuously refine the teams’ goals and strategies
    • Coaches admission staff

    Educational Background and Experience

    • Master’s degree
    • Over 10 years of experience in a related field, with at least 5 years of work experience in student recruitment and/or admissions
    • Team and project management experience

    Director of the Student Affairs Office

    Job Summary

    The Director of the Student Affairs Office (SAO) develops and oversees all day-to-day activities and operations related to student life on campus. Their duties include liaising with all schools for ensuring and monitoring student compliance with regulations, and wellness programs, activities, and orientation.

    Responsibilities and Tasks

    I. Managing Student Affairs 50%
    • Designs the SAO’s strategic goals, objectives, and action plan
    • Manages and supervises the SAO staff and strives for optimal performance and the highest professional standards to support students throughout their education at USEK
    • Coordinates and supervises staff professional development activities, training, and succession planning
    • Develops new ideas/services and effectively motivates their team
    • Develops, implements, and monitors procedures in accordance with USEK’s strategic goals, and oversees the policies granting students easier access to resources
    • Manages the SAO’s annual budget

    II. Administrative Follow-Up and Development Tasks 50%
    • Monitors day-to-day operations and services related to student life (i.e., petitions, dorms, and student jobs)
    • Oversees the Sports Department and follows up on its daily operations with the Head of Unit
    • Oversees the Student Representatives Draw and holds regular meetings with student representatives and chapters
    • Coordinates with members of the Students’ Disciplinary Council and provides assistance regarding discipline-related issues
    • Follows up on student requests
    • Provides the DP for Students with regular reports, including but not limited to accreditation procedures, renewal, and action plan implementation
    • Meets students (upon request) to review their appeals as a last recourse
    • Organizes the student campus events calendar and follows up on its implementation with event coordinators
    • Ensures student support in collaboration with other departments/schools

    Educational Background and Experience

    • Master’s degree
    • Over 10 years of experience in a related field
    • Team and project management experience


    Job Summary

    The mission of the Webmaster is to manage the corporate web pages, subsites, and applications. Responsibilities include coordinating the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the University website.

    Responsibilities and tasks

    1- Tasks related to the existing website and the mini-sites:
    • Implements the ongoing development of the websites in real‐time follow‐up
    • Ensures day‐to‐day site maintenance of the USEK website and all subsites
    • Writes maintainable HTML code
    • Monitors and analyses site performance
    • Updates all content daily<
    • Processes and filters raw images and photos to ensure quality and fast upload
    • Develops new ideas for the websites
    • Works closely with the IT staff and with the web developers to ensure high quality and good performance of the running websites.
    • Ensures site security by coordinating with the IT or/and the external company to set up firewalls and login pages<
    • Ensures accuracy and timeliness of the supplied information
    • Implements e-cards related to USEK events

    2- Tasks related to the new websites and mini-sites:
    • Determines client needs and requirements
    • Coordinates with the Art director regarding the design of the site map for new subsites and monitor their development, as well as with the copywriters and the web developers
    • Creates new pages, new sections, and new subsites
    3- Other Digital tasks:
    • Manages sections of the Intranet (MyUSEK)
    • Manages the USEK newsletter

    Required Qualifications:

    • BS in Computer Science, Multimedia, or a related field
    • Professional experience: 6-8 years of experience in a related field
    • Strong troubleshooting and analytical abilities
    • Online marketing and SEO skills
    • Knowledge of website management tools and IT Security
    • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
    • Online platform skills and creative online marketing
    • Ability to generate creative ideas
    • Outstanding organizational skills
    • Reliable and detail-oriented

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