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Data Analyst

Job Summary

The mission of the Data Analyst as a member of the OIRA team is to collect and analyze the data needed for institutional reporting and programs and services assessment. The Data Analyst is responsible for maintaining the data repository and generating reports to support decision-making.

Responsibilities and Tasks

1- Collecting and Analyzing Data for Institutional Reporting 40%
  • Collects data from various academic and administrative units at USEK
  • Analyses data and generates statistics and indicators to support decision-making
  • Prepares yearly dashboards to monitor indicators on the different aspects of the University
  • Supports accreditation projects by providing needed statistics and indicators

2- Administration of Institutional Surveys 40%
  • Creates and launches the surveys regularly administered by the OIRA, as well as new surveys according to the University’s needs
  • Follows up on and monitors survey progress and response rates
  • Prepares and disseminates reports based on survey results

3- Support Assessment and Planning Activities 20%
  • Manages and collects assessment data from various sources in support of program assessment
  • Administers program framework and assessment modules in TK20
  • Administers the Strategic Planning module in TK20

Educational Background and Experience

  • BS in Business Computing or Computer Science
  • Master’s degree is a plus
  • 3-4 years of experience


Job Summary

The mission of the Webmaster is to manage the corporate web pages, subsites, and applications. Responsibilities include coordinating the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the University website.

Responsibilities and tasks

1- Tasks related to the existing website and the mini-sites:
  • Implements the ongoing development of the websites in real‐time follow‐up.
  • Ensures day‐to‐day site maintenance of the USEK website and all subsites.
  • Reviews content and layout of existing web pages; advises related units, website committee, and coordinators on any updates missing or outdated information provides best content practices and notifies them about any errors or inconsistencies.
  • Reviews the web developers’ work: their code for quality efficiency, performance, accessibility, and other standards.
  • Writes maintainable HTML code.
  • Monitors and analyses site performance, checks errors, debug pages and fix broken links or images, and provides recommendations.
  • Updates all content on a daily basis.
  • Processes and filters raw images and photos to ensure quality and fast upload.
  • Develops new ideas for the websites.
  • Works closely with the IT staff and with the web developers to ensure high quality and good performance of the running websites.
  • Ensures site security by coordinating with the IT or/and the external company to set up firewalls and login pages.
  • Ensures accuracy and timeliness of the supplied information.
  • Establishes an SEO reporting structure.
  • Collects and analyses web analytics and identifies opportunities to improve search engine optimization (SEO), time on site, and web traffic to understand website needs as they relate to business KPIs.
  • Optimizes loading speeds and capacity of the web pages.
  • Provides suggestions and feedback on UX/UI.

2- Tasks related to the new websites and mini-sites:
  • Determines client needs and requirements
  • Coordinates with the Art director regarding the design of the site map for new subsites and monitor their development, as well as with the copywriters and the web developers
  • Creates new pages, new sections, and new subsites
3- Other Digital tasks:
  • Manages sections of the Intranet (MyUSEK)
  • Manages the USEK newsletter

Required Qualifications:

  • BS in Computer Science, Multimedia, or a related field
  • Professional experience: 6-8 years of experience in a related field
  • Strong troubleshooting and analytical abilities
  • Online marketing and SEO skills
  • Knowledge of website management tools and IT Security
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Online platform skills and creative online marketing
  • Ability to generate creative ideas
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Reliable and detail-oriented


Job Summary

The main responsibilities of the Counselor are providing psychological support services to students including listening and identifying core problems while maintaining confidentiality and trust, in addition to planning awareness and prevention activities, crisis interventions and orientation.

He/she works closely with students using talking therapy to assist them reach their own resolutions, and address/remedy their concerns.

Responsibilities and tasks

1- Counseling related tasks:
  • Helps students cope with mental health issues, emotional problems, and challenging situations using a range of psychological concepts and psychotherapeutic techniques.
  • Assists in providing supportive services by performing counseling and follow-up activities related to individual student cases and campus-wide programs.
  • Meets with students every week to discuss their emotional, mental or lifestyle issues.
  • Refers students to other healthcare professionals/therapists and psychiatrists.
  • Gives psychological recommendations to other departments regarding severe student cases.
  • Works with individuals, groups, and community members to improve mental health.
  • Conducts training sessions related to mental health.
  • Assists students by offering them a structured and focused way of addressing their problems.
  • Schedules students’ consultations.

2- Administrative related tasks:
  • Coordinates schedules and plans for the UCC.
  • Maintains an up-to-date inventory of materials and supplies; orders equipment and facilities as needed.
  • Answers incoming phone calls and responds to inquiries of general information.
  • Participates in special activities, presentations, campaigns and workshops.
  • Takes part in the research and development unit with the head of the UCC to develop and implement procedures and techniques to meet organizational needs, capitalize on potential new services, and enhance unit performance.
  • Generates statistics for monthly reports and monitors data filing/archiving.
  • Attends professional seminars, training, and courses.

Educational background and experience

  • Graduate degree in Psychology
    - Have completed 100 hours of personal therapy with a therapist who is a member of a professional order
    - Have a clinical experience of 3 years
    - Have a supervisor therapist to all cases related to the UCC
  • An understanding of the Counseling Code of Deontology and Ethics
  • Excellent communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community
  • Problem-solving and Analytical skills
  • Time management skills
  • Team building skills, ability to delegate tasks

Senior Recruitment officer

Job Summary

The Senior Recruitment officer is responsible for administering the admissions and registration processes for CI and CII candidates. He/she should represent USEK in all school’s Orientations and Forums and deliver presentations. He/she will work with various coordination throughout different universities/schools and with potential students. He/she will be organizing all admissions office activities.

Responsibilities and Tasks

1- Orientation Tasks for potential applicants:
  • Delivers presentations to students during Orientation visits to schools
  • Provides indoor orientation and advising to new candidates regarding USEK programs
  • Handles the orientation phone calls and orients candidates about the available majors and the required information
  • Attends schools’ forums by representing USEK
  • Coordinates with the schools and schedules visits
  • Collaborates with the university’s association

2- Administrative Tasks
  • Accepts online admissions requests for students and registers them (Generate ID via Banner, create test data, and send the respective workflow)
  • Coordinates the online admissions request with the recruitment team
  • Accepts the non-degree form (school of music, language school, and free listener students)
  • Follows up with pending admissions requests
  • Assists in exam day.

3- Tasks during Events
  • Organizes and processes the Open Doors Event that takes place at USEK
  • Organizes the regional forums and collaborates with USEK regional campus
  • Assists in different events related to the admissions office

Educational background and Experience

  • Undergraduate degree (no specific field)
  • 4 to 6 years of Experience
  • Knowledge in the Educational sector
  • Knowledge of career opportunities in the market
  • Excellent communications skills and interpersonal skills (English & French)
  • Organizational Skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Time management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Reliable and detail-oriented

Employees Relations Manager

Job Summary

The Employee Relations Manager plays a focal role in the wellbeing of USEK admin and faculty members in terms of uplifting their employee lifecycle and journey. The ER Manager stays on top of the day-to-day HR Operations by ensuring the proper implementation of the policies in order to provide superior Faculty and Admin Staff servicing in line with university and legal requirements.

Responsibilities and Tasks

1- Employee Relations: HR-Admin
  • Acts as a first focal point to detect and manage employees’ direct complaints and requests (bank complaints, schedule, financial inquiries…) while ensuring proper follow up and quick responses from relevant stakeholders
  • Leads the Employee Relations unit and contributes to the employee relations strategy design and implementation
    · Develops and implements ER policies, reviews existing ones and ensures they are continuously up-to-date
  • Conducts investigations when employee complaints or concerns are brought forth
  • Manages the onboarding process of new hires, employment agreements, induction coordination with departments ensuring their proper integration; Brief them on benefits and eligibility while ensuring legal compliance.
  • Oversees activities and processes handled by ER team and provides on-the-job orientation
  • Oversee the process of providing the salaries attestations and letters in a timely manner
  • Validates departmental access rights, business cards requests and email signatures processes
  • Designs and develops new forms and templates related to the unit
  • Designs e-database for ER and manages the implementation of the relevant module on HR systems
  • Manages Staff Leaves of absence and monitors data and eligibility as per related policies
  • Contributes in creating an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture; establishes a positive relationship and promotes a high level of employee engagement and motivation

2- Employee Relations: Compensation & Benefits
  • Oversees the process of monthly payroll accurately and in a timely manner, and stays informed of all requests, deductions, and other edits as needed
  • Validates other relevant payments and their processing in coordination with the C&B specialist
  • Ensures proper coordination between ER/C&B Team & Finance Dpt. on payroll schedules in order to process Staff salaries on time and with accuracy
  • Performs benchmark studies and competitive market research; compiles salary analysis and recommendations to maintain a competitive pay scale
  • Manages & administers USEK benefits and compensation policies; ensures they are always up-to-date; suggests new benefits to enhance the compensation & benefits system
  • Oversees the execution of Staff NSSF, insurance, and educational allowances,…

3- Reporting
  • Ensures regular reporting with data-driven input and compiles documents to facilitate decision-making
  • Provides needed reports as requested by the management
  • Keeps abreast with the market benchmarking on all relevant ER and C&B-related trends and reports

Educational Background and Experience

    Master’s degree
  • Professional Experience: 7-9 years of experience in a related field
  • Experienced in Managing Projects and Team
  • Knowledge of HR functions and Processes
  • Proficient knowledge of the Staff bylaws and guidelines
  • Understanding of Lebanese Labor Law and disciplinary procedures
  • Seasoned with data crunching and analytical reporting for decision-making support
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community
  • Excellent Computer Skills and ability to operate software
  • Excellent Management and Leadership Skills (Technical, Conceptual, Interpersonal Skills)
  • High Emotional intelligence
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Ability to motivate a Team

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